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5 Types Of Injection Therapy NJ For Back Pain Management

There are several types of injection therapy NJ for back pain management. Many osteopathic and orthopedic doctors use spinal injections to diagnose and treat back pain. With these injections, doctors often deliver medicine directly to the patient\’s pain source. If the injection relieves the patient\’s pain, doctors can often use this information combined with your physical examination and medical history to confirm a diagnosis. As a patient suffering from back pain, you need to know what types of injection therapy can work to manage your pain. This way, you can work with your doctor to find a treatment method to promote healing and improve your comfort level. Read on to learn about the best types of injection therapy NJ for back pain management.

Epidural Spinal Injections

First, epidural injection NJ is a highly effective treatment method for back pain. With an epidural injection, your doctor typically injects corticosteroids into the epidural space between the bones and discs of the spine. Commonly, spine specialists use epidural injections to treat back pain caused by herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or sciatica. Notably, the corticosteroid medication works as a strong anti-inflammatory agent when injected into the nerve. Depending on the source of your pain, your doctor may inject the epidural into your lumbar, caudal, or cervical region. Notably, lumbar and caudal injections can relieve lower back and chronic leg pain. Cervical steroid injections can treat pain in your shoulders, neck, and arms. Definitely, ask your doctor about epidural spinal injection therapy NJ to relieve your chronic pain.

Facet Joint Injections

Next, orthopedic doctors also use facet joint injection therapy NJ to treat back pain. Like epidural injections, facet joint injections deliver pain-relieving anesthetic or steroid medication directly into the spine. Depending on your pain areas, doctors may administer injections into multiple facet joints. During the procedure, pain management specialists use fluoroscopic or x-ray imaging to guide the injection. This way, your physician can see the joint to place the injection properly. Usually, this takes about 15 minutes. Once injected, the anesthetic can provide immediate pain relief. Often, this is a highly effective pain relief option for patients who have arthritis pain. If needed, you can repeat the injection over a six-month period as well. Certainly, facet joint injection therapy New Jersey is highly effective for back pain.

Selective Nerve Root Block (SNRB)

In addition, selective nerve root block is another major type of spinal injection therapy NJ. SNRBs are highly-effective, long-lasting steroids which are injected around the nerve root. These procedures are known to reduce chronic pain and inflammation triggered by nerve pressure. When properly administered, these injections can greatly help with pain in the thoracic, cervical, and lumbar spinal regions. At the same time, selective nerve root block treatments are helpful for degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, as well as nerve root irritation. If you are interested in these innovative treatments, be sure to speak with your NJ pain management doctor. Absolutely, SNRB injection therapy NJ is an excellent solution to reduce pain, promote healing, and accelerate recovery.

Sacroiliac Joint Block (SI)

Of course, sacroiliac joint injections or blocks are another highly effective form of injection therapy New Jersey. These innovative medical procedures are primarily used to treat lower back pain, joint dysfunction, and symptoms of sciatica. Once administered, SI joint blocks are known to alleviate discomfort in the lumbar spine, upper leg, and buttock. Of course, these medical injections deliver powerful, targeted, temporary pain relief. At the same time, these treatments effectively reduce swelling, inflammation, and excess fluid. Definitely, sacroiliac joint blocks are one of the best forms of injection therapy in New Jersey.

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

Moreover, radiofrequency ablation is another targeted, pain-reducing, powerful type of injection therapy North Jersey. This nonsurgical, minimally invasive procedure utilizes heat to minimize the transmission of pain. Essentially, RFA treatments eliminate pain signals from reaching the brain. Of course, these procedures are commonly used to address sacroiliitis, arthritis, as well as chronic pain. Simultaneously, these procedures are highly-effective for treating pain in the pelvis, knee, back, and neck. Receiving these treatments, you can benefit from immediate pain relief, accelerate recovery time, and reduce your reliance on pain medications. In short, RFA injection therapies New Jersey are an excellent procedure to help you lower pain and return to the activities you love.

There are plenty of highly-effective, doctor-recommended forms of injection therapy in New Jersey. First off, epidural spine injections are widely-used for lower, middle, and upper back pain. Next, many practitioners recommend facet joint injections, which are another form of non invasive pain management NJ. At the same time, selective nerve root blocks are frequently used for nerve root irritation, spinal stenosis, as well as degenerative disc diseases. Of course, you may be a candidate for SI joint blocks if you are suffering from lower back paint or joint dysfunction. Moreover, RFA is another targeted injection treatment to deliver immediate pain relief. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the top types of injection therapy NJ for back pain management.

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