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5 Services The Best Sports Medicine Clinic In NJ Has To Offer

There are several services the best sports medicine clinic NJ has to offer. Notably, the top orthopedic specialists are highly trained to treat small and complex injuries. Indeed, many sports medicine doctors can treat ACL tears, fractures, and osteoarthritis. Of course, they can also streamline recovery with their innovative, personalized care plans. As a patient dealing with chronic or acute pain, you need to know how the top doctors in New Jersey offer relief. This way, you can get advanced orthopedic solutions that support your musculoskeletal health. Read on to discover what services the best sports medicine clinic NJ has to offer.

Athletic Training

First, many of the top sports medicine clinics NJ offer athletic training services. Here, doctors can evaluate musculoskeletal injuries to create a personalized treatment plan. For example, your doctor may perform taping, bracing, and padding to stabilize different parts of the body. This is key to access a high level of safety as you return to physical activity. Of course, many sports medicine specialists offer injury prevention services as well. With this, you can access athletic education such as proper weight training techniques, nutritional advice, and sports physicals Jersey City. Many doctors can also observe athletic activities to correct potentially dangerous techniques. Definitely, talk to your sports medicine clinic New Jersey to access athletic training services.

Acute & Chronic Injury Treatment

Next, you can also get acute and chronic injury treatment at your sports medicine clinic NJ. Typically, patients develop chronic injuries from prolonged, repetitive motions in endurance sports. For example, swimming, running, and cycling can cause a variety of overuse injuries such as stress fractures. Fortunately, sports medicine specialists are trained to recognize telltale signs of a chronic injury, including pain, aches, and swelling. Then, they can perform diagnostic imaging to provide the pain management you need. In addition, your orthopedic doctor can provide casts, bandaging, and rest recommendations to treat minor injuries as well. In short, visit a sports medicine center NJ to get acute and chronic injury treatment.

Physical Therapy Services

In addition, you can get physical therapy services through your orthopedic sports medicine clinic NJ. Indeed, many medical practitioners offer pre and post-surgery rehab to support patient injury recovery. Additionally, access care for broken bones, sprain, and muscle strains to get back to your pre-injury norm. For example, most physical therapists recommend targeted exercises to improve your strength and mobility. Often, these involve weight lifting, walking, and stretching to support your recovery. Whether you\’re bouncing back from a joint replacement, rotator cuff tear, or shoulder pain NJ, physical therapy is great to jumpstart the healing process. Absolutely, talk to your sports medicine clinic NJ about their physical therapy services.

Regenerative Medicine

Moreover, many top sports medicine centers New Jersey offer regenerative medicine services to harness the body\’s healing power. For example, many orthopedic doctors offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to accelerate the healing process. Notably, PRP injections use a concentration of your own platelets to heal tendons, muscles, and joints. To get PRP, doctors draw your blood and run it through a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets. Then, it\’s injected directly into your body tissue. Typically, this releases growth factors to stimulate the number of reparative cells your body produces. Since it\’s minimally invasive and guided with an ultrasound, it usually incurs low risk as well. Undoubtedly, regenerative medicine is one of the top services to get at your sports medicine clinic New Jersey.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Furthermore, many sports medicine specialists NJ offer minimally invasive surgical procedures to treat injuries. For example, many doctors use arthroscopy to repair knee, shoulder, and elbow joints. With this specialized procedure, the physician makes two or three small incisions on either side of your joint. Then, they insert a tiny camera to watch live images as they repair the torn tissue, fracture, or cartilage. Of course, many specialists can also offer injections such as epidurals and cortisone shots. Notably, these can deliver medication directly to the pain site. Certainly, talk with your sports medicine clinic near me NJ about minimally invasive procedures to reduce your pain.

There are several services the best sports medicine clinic NJ has to offer. First, many doctors provide athletic training services to prevent and treat injuries. Next, ask your back doctor New Jersey about acute and chronic injury management. In addition, many practitioners offer physical therapy services to support rehabilitation. Moreover, try regenerative medicine to accelerate the healing process. Furthermore, minimally invasive procedures are a great, low-risk option to get the care you need. Consider these points to learn about some of the top services the best sports medicine clinic NJ has to offer.

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