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Managing Back Pain And Sexual Dysfunction NJ With Your Doctor

Many patients are seeking advanced treatments, therapies, as well as medical solutions to effectively manage back pain and sexual dysfunction with their New Jersey doctors. Sexual dysfunction is undeniably linked with upper, middle, and lower back pain. Of course, muscles in the bladder, pelvis, and urethra all play a vital role in sexual function. Therefore, recent back injuries from motorvehicle, sports, or age-related accidents can significantly impact your sexual performance. If you are a medical patient suffering from a back injury, disability, or chronic pain, there has never been a better time to seek professional treatment. To help you get started, read on to learn about managing back pain and sexual dysfunction NJ with your doctor.

Understand The Link

The first step to effectively managing your pain is understanding the link between back pain and sexual dysfunction NJ. Whenever spinal nerves or veins are pinched, back issues can begin triggering sexual dysfunction to occur. Commonly, this occurs as a result of tightened hip flexors or pinched nerves. In addition, you may experience these conditions after suffering from a herniated disk. These conditions are known to decrease sensation and limit blood flow throughout the pelvic-region. Fortunately, these ailments can be effectively diagnosed and treated with the help of your NJ pain management doctor. Certainly, understanding the link between sexual dysfunction and back pain New Jersey is important to effectively begin treating your pain.

Be Open About Your Pain

Next, it is important to be open about your back pain and sexual dysfunction NJ. Many patients are incredibly apprehensive to speak with their doctors about sexual dysfunction. These problems are typically kept fairly secretive, private, and hidden. Therefore, you need to speak openly with your practitioner about what you are feeling, your levels of pain, as well as the impact on your sexual performance. Understanding this information, your back pain professional can effectively evaluate, diagnose, and recommend treatment to alleviate your condition. Surely, it is important to be open about your pain with a doctor for managing back pain and sexual dysfunction NJ.

Get A Physical Examination

Now, your functional medicine doctor will help you conduct a thorough physical examination. This allows your doctor to assess your health, identify underlying conditions, and prioritize necessary treatments. During the process, they will also check your blood pressure, or heartbeat. Conducting this examination, your healthcare professional can establish baselines, learn more about your daily routines, and learn more about your general health. This way, they can catch serious conditions early on and encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle. Indeed, receiving a physical examination will certainly help you treat back pain and sexual dysfunction NJ.

Find Out About Available Treatments

At this point, your doctor will likely advise you on some of the available treatments for managing back pain and sexual dysfunction NJ. There are several popular approaches to diagnose, alleviate, and prevent future back pain. Most commonly, doctors recommend physical therapy (PT). This innovative procedure help you avoid surgery, improve mobility, and promote recovery. Simultaneously, PT enables you to improve balance and effective treat age-related conditions. If physical therapy proves ineffective, your doctor may advise alternate treatment methods, such as medication, massage, and acupuncture. Of course, all medical treatments should be recommended and administered with the guidance of your doctor. Please consult with your trusted doctor before engaging in medical procedures.

Learn About Surgeries

To further treat back pain and sexual dysfunction in NJ, your doctor may inform you about pain-relieving surgeries and other procedures. One of the most popular, effective, and safe treatments is spinal cord stimulation NJ. These devices are surgically-inserted under your skin. Once implanted, they deliver relaxing, electrical impulses to block pain signals in your spine. This way, you can greatly benefit from adjusted, targeted pain relief with limited side effects. Simultaneously, these minimally invasive procedures are reversible and controllable, which provides you with greater peace of mind. Definitely, learning about surgical procedures for managing back pain and sexual dysfunction NJ will help you live better.

There are several unique treatments that manage back pain and sexual dysfunction New Jersey with your doctor. First off, understand the link between back pain and sexual dysfunction. Next, ensure that you are honest, open, and clear about your conditions. Now, you are ready to get a physical exam from your doctor. At this point, find out about some available treatments, such as physical therapy, yoga, and acupuncture. To further alleviate your pain, learn about some popular surgeries, such as spinal cord stimulation. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about managing back pain and sexual dysfunction NJ with your doctor.

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