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Is Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery NJ For Total Replacement The Right Choice For You?

Minimally invasive knee surgery for total replacement is a safe, effective, and fairly common orthopedic operation. Doctors typically recommend these procedures to correct worn, damaged, or injured surfaces on the knee. Then, they’ll replace the afflicted area with an implantable prosthetic – maximizing mobility and alleviating pain. After the procedure, many patients are able to return to work and recreational activities. This is especially true for minimally invasive surgery Jersey City NJ, which is much less intensive than traditional operations. Read on to learn if minimally invasive knee surgery NJ for total replacement the right choice for you.

Patient Eligibility

Before considering minimally invasive total knee replacement NJ, consider if you are eligible. Not everyone is qualified for minimally invasive surgical procedures. Some of the main determining factors are your age, weight, and health. Your Jersey City orthopedic surgeon will also ask about your medical history. They want to see that you’ve tried other non-surgical, conservative intervention measures without success. In addition, doctors want to ensure that you aren’t suffering from a knee infection, sepsis, or osteoporosis. Certainly, consider your eligibility to determine if minimally invasive knee surgery NJ is right for you.

Straightforward Surgical Procedure

The process for minimally invasive knee replacement NJ is relatively straightforward. The procedure will be conducted in a sterile operating room. Typically, your surgeon will either administer general or spinal anesthesia. Once the anesthesia takes effect, doctors can remove any damaged cartilage or bone surrounding your kneecap, shin, or thighbone. Then, they’ll replace it with an artificial prosthetic. These prosthesis are usually made from high-grade polymers, metal alloys, or plastics.  Generally, the entire process takes around one to three hours. Indeed, expect a straightforward surgical procedure with minimally invasive total knee replacement NJ.

Shorter Recovery Time

Minimally invasive knee replacement NJ tends to come with a shorter recovery time – especially when compared to traditional operations. For total knee replacement, the standard incision is anywhere from seven to twelve inches. This means less maintenance, monitoring, and cleaning afterwards. Plus, a smaller incision is great for aesthetic purposes. On average, patients take two to four months to fully-recover from these procedures. With a far shorter recovery time, your hospital stay will be significantly shorter. The majority of pain you do feel comes from the tissues cutting. Surely, shorter recovery time is a fairly common outcome of safe, effective minimally invasive knee replacement procedures NJ.

Positive Treatment Outcomes

After a successful minimally invasive surgery NJ, patients can expect a range of positive treatment outcomes. Following the recovery period, knee replacement surgery can help alleviate pain while standing, walking, moving, and running. It can also improve mobility when you walk long distances or stand for extended periods. This is essential for patients who currently struggle to walk upstairs, commute to work, or comfortably function throughout their day. Absolutely, experience positive treatment outcomes with minimally invasive knee replacement NJ.

Additional Health Benefits

After a successful minimally invasive knee surgery NJ, you can expect a wide range of added health benefits. Total knee replacement procedures help you stay active, exercise, and get around. Of course, being physically active is a key ingredient for strong health. So, a knee surgery can sometimes be an essential step towards getting better exercise. With a better activity regiment, you’ll have a lower risk of health-related conditions like obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Stronger knees can also reduce your chances of falls and injuries. Absolutely, additional health benefits are a common outcome of minimally invasive knee surgery NJ.

There are several factors to help you determine if minimally invasive knee surgery NJ is the right choice for you. Before considering these treatments from your NJ pain and spine center, determine your eligibility. Next, familiarize yourself with what the typical surgical procedure looks like. You should also learn more about the typical recovery time. Plus, get a clearer understanding of what the expected treatment outcomes will be. You should also speak with your doctor about the additional health benefits of these safe, effective medical operations. Follow the points above to learn if minimally invasive knee surgery NJ for total replacement the right choice for you.

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