COVID-19 Treatment Guide

When To Get Tested For COVID-19?

You may find yourself in several scenarios that warrant a PCR, Rapid or at-home COVID test. These situations apply to both partially, fully, and unvaccinated patients

  • You Are Experiencing Symptoms Of COVID-19
  • You’ve Had Close Contact With A Confirmed COVID-19 Case
  • You Participated In Activities That Placed You At A Higher Risk For COVID-19
  • You’ve Been Referred By Your School Or Place Of Employment For COVID Testing
  • You Are Prioritized For Expanded COVID-19 Community Screening

When To See A Doctor For COVID-19?

You should only see a doctor for COVID-19 when you are experiencing “emergency warning signs.” These are symptoms that warrant immediate medical attention, often including:

  • Difficulty Breathing
  • High Fever
  • Persistent Chest Pressure Or Pain
  • Inability To Stay Awake Or Fall Asleep
  • Pale Blue Or Grey Skin Color
  • New Levels Of Confusion

At-Home COVID-19 Treatments

For patients monitoring COVID-19 symptoms at home, there are several basic steps and treatment protocols to follow. These will help your body fight off the virus and recover faster.

Additional Home Treatment Remedies

  • Light Exercises For Heart Rate And Breathing
    • Brisk Walk
    • Light Lifting
    • Body Weight Exercises
    • Practice Deep Breathing
  • Drink Lots Of Water And Stay Hydrated
  • Get Plenty Of Rest To Help Your Body Fight Off The Virus

How To Monitor Your Symptoms

When monitoring your symptoms for COVID-19, there are several precautions to follow. This way, you can help your body heal and get medical attention if necessary.

  • Check Your Temperature Three Times A Day
  • Monitor For Emergency Warning Signs
  • Use Physician Rating Scales
  • Measure Your Heart Rate
  • Track Blood Oxygen Levels
  • Log Your Health For Doctors

DISCLAIMER: All the information above, including text, graphics, and images are for informational purposes only. These materials do not intend to substitute professional medical advice, diagnoses, recommendation, or services. Always speak with your healthcare provider regarding medical options, treatments, and products.

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