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How Can Orthopedic Back Bracing NJ Provide Support, Posture, And Pain Relief

Orthopedic back bracing NJ can provide patients with support, posture, and pain relief for several common conditions. Every year, back problems cause patients to be absent at work, limit physical activity, and seek emergency medical attention. Fortunately, back braces have proven to be effective treatment options for a variety of back conditions. These posture correctors provide support by immobilizing your back held in a structured, appropriate position. Depending on the cause of your pain, a back brace can potentially help lower discomfort, accelerate healing, and strengthen your core. To determine what you need, read on to learn how can orthopedic back bracing NJ provide support, posture, and pain relief.


If you have been diagnosed with scoliosis, your orthopedic doctor Jersey City may recommend back bracing. Scoliosis occurs when the sideways, or lateral, curvature of the spine exceeds ten-degrees. Bracing may be recommended once the curvature angle reaches twenty-five-degrees. This is especially true when there is still significant growth left until skeletal maturity is reached. Even in older patients, bracing still may be advised if the condition is rapidly progressing. Wearing a brace can help slow down and prevent further progression of the scoliosis curve. Ultimately, it serves as a simple treatment to keep the lateral angle relatively minimal and easy-to-manage. Certainly, back bracing NJ is a common treatment for patients with scoliosis.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

After a recent spine surgery, back bracing New Jersey is a common, highly-effective treatment approach. Stiff, rigid braces are typically prescribed after a back surgery. These devices alleviate pressure on the spinal column, maximize stability, and support a healthy recovery environment. Most prominently, they immobilize the back against physical activity and movement. Following surgery, a back brace could be recommended for up to ten weeks. However, the exact duration will depend on your doctor’s recommendations, as well as your individual needs. Surely, back bracing North Jersey can help patients with post-operative healing and rehabilitation.

Osteoporosis And Spinal Fractures

In addition, back bracing can serve as a highly-effective osteoporosis spine fracture treatment NJ. Braces can help your vertebrae quickly recover from spinal compression fractures. They achieve this by limiting movement to the affected area. This immobilization alleviates the pressure on your back muscles and vertebrae. Your doctor will recommend the best type of brace, depending on your condition, pain severity, and recovery goals. In most cases, you will only be advised to wear a base for a short period of time. Otherwise, you risk becoming dependent on these posture correcting devices. Indeed, consider how back bracing for osteoporosis New Jersey can provide you with pain relief and support.


More, back bracing Northern NJ is regularly used for patients with sciatica. For sciatica, there are two popular forms of back braces – decompression and sacroiliac (SI) belts. Decompression back bracing devices offer rigid lower support. Plus, decompression functionality helps to expand and stretch the lumbar, or lower, back. This helps alleviate spinal column pressure, minimize pain, and increase intervertebral disc space. An SI belt, on the other hand, is designed to alleviate symptoms of sacroiliac joint dysfunction and pain. Also known as trochanteric belts, they essentially stabilize joints, minimize motion, and reduce irritation. Absolutely, consider back bracing treatments NJ to help with your sciatica recovery.

Whiplash And Spinal Cord Injuries

After whiplash or other spinal cord injuries, back bracing NJ is another highly-recommended treatment. Whiplash is a fairly common, commonly treatable condition. Oftentimes, one of the first recovery options is back and cervical braces. Doctors recommend these options to immobilize, support, and realign the spine. Simultaneously, they can reduce pain, promote faster healing, and prevent conditions from worsening. Definitely, consider the benefits of back bracing NJ after suffering whiplash or spinal cord injuries.

There are several conditions that back bracing New Jersey can help. These treatments have long been a practical option for patients diagnosed with scoliosis or sciatica. They can additionally play a vital role in accelerating recovery and healing following a spine fracture. These forms of treatment can also aid in spine rehabilitation Paramus NJ after a serious surgery. Or, they can help patients who have recently suffered whiplash or other severe back injuries. Follow the points highlighted above to learn how can orthopedic back bracing NJ provide support, posture, and pain relief.

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