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Patient Information On Osteoporosis Spine Fracture Treatments In NJ

There is a lot for patients to know regarding osteoporosis spine fracture treatments in NJ. As we age, our bones tend to get thinner and weaker. Osteoporosis happens when bone strength decreases – and breaks and fractures are more likely to occur. These fractures occur most frequently in the spine. In fact, there are over 1 million vertebral compression spinal reported every year. Of course, not all of these injuries are linked to osteoporosis. However, once the condition is introduced, patients may immediately suffer from a weakened skeletal system. After all, this disease can develop for many years, without you even knowing. In the event of injury, you need to know what the treatment protocols for these fractures are. Here’s all the patient information on osteoporosis spine fracture treatments in NJ.

Spine Fracture Symptoms

Before you can look into different osteoporosis spine fracture treatments in NJ, you should consider the most common symptoms. When dealing with spine fractures, some of the most common symptoms are severe, sharp, and sudden back pain. This level of discomfort tends to increase as you stand, walk, or move aggressively. You may also experience trouble stretching, bending, or twisting. In more severe cases, you could witness a loss or height or a curved spinal shape. If the fracture is in the lower spinal region, you can expect it to cause more pain than those in your upper back. Regardless of the treatment you require, you should meet with an NJ spine fracture doctor early-on. This way, you can receive the treatment you need before your condition worsens.

Kyphoplasty Surgeries

One of the most prominent treatments for osteoporosis spine fractures in NJ is kyphoplasty procedures. This is a minimally invasive spinal surgery (MISS) used to stop pain, stabilize bones, and restore lost vertebral height. During the procedure, your NJ nerve pain specialist will insert a narrow tube in your spine – with the help of a fluoroscopic guide. This tube helps establish a path into the injured area through the vertebrae’s pedicle. Then, a special medical balloon can be inserted into tube, where it will be gently inflated. This encourages the fracture to raise back to a normal position. Also, it compacts the softer inner bone structure.

Vertebroplasty Procedures

Aside from NJ kyphoplasty surgeries, vertebroplasty procedures are another popular treatment for osteoporosis spine fractures. This outpatient procedure similarly aims to reduce pain and stabilize spinal compression fractures. It involves injecting a form of bone cement into spinal vertebrae. Once it hardens, this cement helps to support the spine and address fracture discomfort. This is slightly different than kyphoplasty – which uses special medical balloons instead. When properly administered, both of these treatments improve mobility and decrease reliance on pain medications. Surely, vertebroplasty procedures are a popular osteoporosis spine fracture treatment in NJ.

Immobilization Treatments

For more mild cases, you can potentially alleviate osteoporosis spine fractures NJ with immobilization. In this case, you will be instructed to wear a medical brace or orthopedic corset for up to 15 weeks. For spinal injuries, long backboards, rigid cervical collars, or straps may be prescribed as well. These devices help to prevent deformity, support structure, and minimize pain. Of course, you should still seek professional guidance from your injury doctor NJ before taking any next steps. These experts have the medical background, orthopedic knowledge, and treatment regiment to properly recommend treatment. Absolutely, immobilization treatments are excellent for more minor osteoporosis spine fractures New Jersey.

Ongoing Osteoporosis Therapies

To prevent future spine fractures NJ, speak with your doctor about ongoing osteoporosis treatments. This is especially true if you’ve previously suffered from a spinal injury in the past. After all, you will likely be at a higher risk for back breaks and fractures in the future. An osteoporosis treatment plan will typically encourage more vitamin D, calcium supplements, and some weight-bearing therapies. Women may also be recommended hormone replacement therapy. Definitely, you should know about ongoing therapies to help your post spine fracture treatment regime NJ.

There is a lot of detailed patient information to know about osteoporosis spine fracture treatments in New Jersey. Before seeking treatment, it helps to know some of the most common spine injury symptoms. Two of the most common treatments are kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty procedures. Both of these are forms of minimally invasive spine surgery Jersey City NJ. In more mild cases, immobilization treatments may suffice. Even after your fracture is healed, ongoing therapies may still be advised by your doctor. Of course, none of the information above is intended to provide medical guidance or recommendations. Before starting treatment, it is important to meet with your doctor and find out what solutions are best. Then, you can work together on formulating an individualized treatment plan. Follow the points highlighted above to learn the necessary patient information on osteoporosis spine fracture treatments in NJ.

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