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Advanced Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery In Jersey City NJ

There are several types of minimally invasive spine surgery Jersey City NJ. Depending on patients\’ diagnosis, spine specialists use a variety of approaches to relieve pain. For example, doctors may use different technologies such as lasers, endoscopes, and microscopes to ensure successful procedures. As a patient seeking minimally invasive treatment, you need to know about your different surgery options. This way, you can find a lower-risk treatment method to relieve your chronic pain or spine discomfort. Read on to discover the different types of minimally invasive spine surgery Jersey City NJ.

Lumbar Discectomy

First, lumbar discectomy is one major type of minimally invasive spine surgery Jersey City NJ doctors can perform on patients. For this procedure, spine surgeons typically remove a herniated disc in your lower back. Before they\’re removed, herniated discs can pinch nerves in your back. Over time, this can cause severe leg pain, numbness, and weakness. By having your herniated disc removed, you can significantly reduce your pain. To complete the operation, surgeons usually insert a retractor and remove a small amount of the lamina bone. Then, they can see the spinal nerve and disc clearly to remove the damaged disc. Definitely, ask your Hudson County pain management specialist about lumbar discectomy if you\’re suffering from chronic pain caused by a herniated disc.


Next, laminectomy is another major type of minimally invasive spine surgery physicians can offer. During a laminectomy surgery, doctors usually remove the lamina. By removing this back part of your vertebra that covers your spinal canal, laminectomies can relieve pressure on your spinal cord and nerves. Typically, spine surgeons perform a laminectomy when you have a bony overgrowth in the spinal canal. Often, these bone spurs are caused by arthritis. Simultaneously, they may occur as a normal part of the aging process and cause pain to radiate down your arms and legs. To reduce your chronic pain, consult with your doctor about laminectomy minimally invasive spine surgery Jersey City NJ.


In addition, foraminotomy is another popular type of minimally invasive spine surgery. These procedures are typically administered to expand and widen the foramen. Of course, this is the tunnel located in your back where nerves exit the spinal canal. Typically, these minimally invasive surgeries are used to address bone spurs, sciatica, pinched nerves, and herniated discs. In many cases, these conditions are associated with debilitating symptoms like tingling, numbness, and chronic pain. When properly administered, this MISS procedure typically requires no hospitalization period for recovery. Absolutely, find a functional medicine doctor Jersey City who specializes in minimally invasive foraminotomy surgeries.


Moreover, kyphoplasty minimally invasive spine surgery is another popular procedure to eliminate your upper, lower, and mid back pain. These procedures are generally used to stop the chronic pain associated with spinal fractures or traumatic injuries. Of course, these procedures are used to stabilize the bone and restore potentially lost height. Kyphoplasty MISS surgeries are often performed at a hospital, under general or local anesthesia. After your procedure, you will be closely observed in a recovery room for any potential ongoing symptoms. Surely, kyphoplasty is an incredibly popular type of minimally invasive spine surgery Jersey City.

Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion

Of course, many of the best physicians in Jersey City specialize in minimally invasive spinal fusion. Minimally invasive spinal fusions can be used to deter a wide-variety of chronic pain conditions. Typically, these include scoliosis, degenerative disc disease (DDD), tumors, or serious fractures. Essentially, these procedures involve removing spinal disc between the vertebrae. Then, the two nearby vertebras can be fused together using a grafted bone. In other cases, the fusion is performed with metal plates, pins, and screws. After the procedure, there will be a light recovery process. Of course, this is necessary to give your bones and bone graft time to properly fuse together. Indeed, minimally invasive spinal fusion is one of the best procedures to consider. There are several different types of minimally invasive spine surgery in Jersey City NJ. First off, lumbar discectomy is one of the most popular MISS procedures currently available. Next, laminectomy is another major type of minimally invasive surgery. In addition, you may want to consider the medical benefits of a foraminotomy procedures. Moreover, kyphoplasty is readily available and incredibly effective to attack your back pain. Of course, consider minimally invasive spinal procedures at the guidance of your NJ physician. Follow the points highlighted above to discover the different types of minimally invasive spine surgery NJ.

Prepare For Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery NJ

There are several steps to prepare for minimally invasive spine surgery Jersey City NJ. After years, of enduring severe and chronic back pain — many patients are seeking relief with MISS procedures. These safe and effective procedures offer a range of notable advantages, especially when compared to traditional open surgeries. If you’re suffering from debilitating back pain yourself, consider how these treatments can help you get back to the exercises and activities that you love. Read on to learn about preparing for minimally invasive spine surgery Hudson County.

Learn How Minimally Invasive Surgery Works

Before scheduling your appointment, fully understand how minimally invasive surgery in NJ works. Minimally invasive spine surgery focuses on making smaller incisions and utilizing innovative medical devices during the procedure. This can have a major impact on patient mobility, range of motion, and recovery. Thanks to smaller incisions, the majority of MISS operations come with minimal scarring and tissue damage. Naturally, this promotes healthy muscle functioning and soft tissue strength. At the same time, this approach can greatly reduce damage to surrounding bodily structures. Certainly, learning how MISS works is a key step to prepare for spine surgery in Jersey City.

Understand What MISS Can Treat

During preparation, you should clearly understand what minimally invasive spine surgery NYC can treat. MISS procedures can be used for a diverse range of neurological and orthopedic disorders that trigger debilitating chronic back pain. Notably, surgery can be used to address symptoms of degenerative disc disease (DDD), which occurs when the spinal discs thin as we age. MISS can also benefit patients suffering from herniated discs, spinal tumors, scoliosis, and spondyloisthesis. Your doctor may even recommend minimally invasive treatments in response to spinal stenosis and vertebral compression fractures (VCFs). Indeed, understand what MISS surgery NJ can treat while you prepare for recovery.

Verify The Advantages Of Surgery

Additionally, one of the ways to prepare yourself for MISS Jersey City is to understand its advantages. For a start, minimally invasive spine surgery leaves less noticeable scars. These operations often lead to reduced blood loss and lower risk of complications, such as muscle damage, trauma, and infections. Once the surgery is finished, you’ll often experience a quicker recovery time — with less physical rehabilitation and therapy. Certainly, knowing the advantages beforehand better prepares you for minimally invasive spine surgery NJ.

Determine If You’re An Ideal Candidate

At this point in your preparation, it is time to determine eligibility for minimally invasive surgery Jersey City. To find out if you’re an ideal candidate, set up a medical consultation with a top rated New Jersey back doctor at Sixth Borough. In the meantime, you should monitor for symptoms that can be easily addressed with MISS. Some notable examples include difficulty walking, muscle spasms, and overall stiffness. You could also be experiencing pain in your back, neck, or feet. Absolutely, take time to determine your eligibility for minimally invasive spine surgery NJ.

Get Ready For The Night Before

Of course, you need to properly prepare the night before minimally invasive spine surgery in Jersey City. Your doctor may advise you to abstain from consuming alcohol, smoking, or eating heavy the night before your procedure. In addition, you’ll likely be asked to take a thorough shower with antibacterial products — further lowering your risk of infection. On the day of your preparation, wear loose, freshly-washed clothing, and leave all your jewelry at home. For convenience, it is recommended to confirm your transportation arrangements ahead of time too. Definitely, diligently prepare for minimally invasive spine surgery NJ the night before your operation. There are several steps to effectively prepare for MISS procedures in Jersey City. The entire procedure is relatively similar to minimally invasive knee surgery in NJ. To start, you should get familiar with how these surgeries actually work. Make sure you clearly understand what MISS can treat. At the same time, you should learn more about the different advantages and benefits of this approach to pain mitigation. With all this in mind, you can determine whether or not you’re an ideal candidate. When it comes to the night before your procedure, there are a few additional steps to follow. Follow the points above to learn about preparing for minimally invasive spine surgery North Jersey.

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