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Visit Top NJ Spine Doctors For Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Visit top NJ spine doctors for minimally invasive surgeries. Unlike traditional spine surgery that requires long incision, a minimally invasive procedure is done with a smaller cut. These surgeries use a hollow tube called a tubular retractor to get access to the affected area of the spine. With advanced, cutting-edge technology, top surgeons can now treat your spine complications in a minimally invasive way. Treat back pain caused by injuries or accidents faster with minimally invasive spine surgery and return to your normal daily activities. Read on to learn about minimally invasive surgeries by the top NJ spine doctors.

Spinal Lumbar Fusion

Visit top NJ spine doctors for minimally invasive lumbar fusion surgeries. Spinal lumbar fusion surgeries join two or more vertebrae together. Typically, these procedures are performed for lumbar fractures, spinal instability, and degenerative disc disease (DDS). These procedures relieve pressure on nerves and other spinal cord parts. Certified doctors reach the affected area by making a cut to access the bony points of your vertebrae. Depending on the condition, spine doctors will also give you an overview of the right procedure. Indeed, consider visiting top NJ back doctors for minimally invasive spinal lumbar fusion surgeries.

Spinal Decompressive Surgery

For spinal decompressive surgery, look no further than the top NJ spine doctors for minimally invasive surgeries. Decompressive surgery is ideal when persistent spinal pressure creates pain, tingling, and weakness. Treat a range of conditions like herniated discs, fractures, arthritis, or instability. See an expert specialist to choose the appropriate type of decompressive surgery and understand post-operation recovery requirements. The procedure involves a small, minimally invasive incision to access your spine. Then, your doctor will move surrounding muscle and soft tissue aside to remove structures pressing on the nerves. Afterward, you may have to limit activity for several weeks, but physical therapy can help restore mobility. Surely, choose the top spine doctors for minimally invasive spinal decompression NJ surgery.

Minimally-Invasive Microdiscectomy

The best NJ spine doctors also offer minimally invasive microdiscectomy. Doctors suggest this treatment to treat conditions like herniated discs. During the initial consultation, doctors may first perform a physical exam that evaluates your medical history and symptoms. During this assessment, you may also be tested for muscle strength and nerve function. Doctors may also use MRI and CT scan imaging tests to check for nerve damage or other diagnoses for spine stabilization in NJ. In the procedure, spine specialists use fluoroscopy technology to visualize your spine. Next, small incisions are made near the damaged area and muscle tissues are separated to access your spine. Spine doctors use specialized instruments to remove damaged tissues. These operations alleviate pressure on nerves and relieve pain in the neck & back. Indeed, visit top NJ spine doctors to get minimally invasive microdiscectomy.

Minimally-Invasive Scoliosis Surgery

Top NJ spine doctors also offer minimally invasive scoliosis surgery. Certified spine doctors may suggest scoliosis surgery as a last resort for limited mobility due to spinal curve pain. During the procedure, your doctor may make small incisions near your spine. Next, the specialist gently spreads the incision area – utilizing specialized instruments to treat your spine. These instruments allow doctors to correct the posture for your scoliosis problem. Plus, to let your bones in place, spine specialists may use external hardware. After your spinal curve is corrected, your doctor can remove the hardware and instruments – suturing the wound. Minimally invasive scoliosis surgery may lower pain, reduce infection risks, and limit blood loss. Certainly, visit top NJ spine doctors for minimally invasive scoliosis surgery.

Epidural Injections

Visit top spine surgeons for minimally invasive epidural injections in NJ. Epidural Injections help reduce pain or inflammation in the spinal nerve. Certified pain management doctors inject corticosteroid and anesthetic medication into the area surrounding the spinal nerve. After the injection, you may be prescribed at-home exercises or physical therapy. Epidural injection treatments offer a safe and evidence-backed solution to provide temporary, yet lasting relief. In many cases, the injection only takes 10-20 minutes for pain management Union City NJ. Definitely, consider epidural injections from top NJ spine doctors for minimally invasive surgeries.

There are several minimally invasive surgeries that top NJ spine doctors perform. These specialists offer spinal lumbar fusion – relieving pressure on affected area nerves. Visit these NJ spine doctors for spinal decompressive surgery recommendations, treatment, and post-operation recovery. Consult a specialist to get epidural injections – reducing pain in the spinal nerve. For minimally invasive microdiscectomy, the doctor performs a physical exam, tests muscle strength, and confirms diagnosis using imaging tools. Top doctors also offer scoliosis surgery – making small incisions, gently spreading areas, and treating spinal curves. Read on to learn more about the types of surgeries performed by the top NJ spine doctor

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