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Specialized Services For Pain Management In Union City NJ

There are several specialized services for pain management in Union City NJ. These specialized pain management treatments offer a safer alternative to medication and expensive surgeries. Therapeutic procedures can offer relief from mild, nagging, and chronic pain – affecting overall joint mobility. As someone struggling with chronic pain for months, consult a chronic pain management specialist near Hoboken NJ for specialized treatment. After a few months of treatment, you may return to a pain-free and comfortable lifestyle. Keep reading to learn about specialized pain management services in Union City New Jersey.

Physical Therapy (PT)

Choose specialized pain management services with physical therapy in Union City NJ. Certified professionals utilize comprehensive approaches for addressing physical pain issues. Physical therapists can work closely with you to create a pain management plan based on your daily lifestyle. These pain management therapists specialize in restoring lost mobility that helps you regain your body balance. Similarly, physical therapy helps break down the scarred tissues – improving blood circulation, body functioning, and overall motion. You may experience prompt recovery and relieved pain in less time to avoid any further treatment. Get in touch with Union City’s best physical therapists for pain management services in NJ.

Sports Medicine Treatments

Specialized services also include sports medicine treatments for pain management in Union City NJ. Choose board-certified professionals to immediately address your sports injury before it gets worse. These professionals work closely with you to clearly understand the sports injury, its cause, and related symptoms. Visit specialized doctors to evaluate your condition and develop a personalized plan for treating your athletic problem. Sports medicine treatment programs are usually personalized, and committed towards pain management and faster recovery. Experienced specialists may use state-of-the-art techniques to improve your athletic mobility and performance. Indeed, book your pain management appointment in NJ for specialized sports medicine treatments.

Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS)

Spinal cord stimulation is another advanced pain management treatment in Union City New Jersey. An FDA-approved treatment, spinal cord stimulation helps relieve chronic pain in the back, legs, and arms. Typically, low-voltage electrical current is delivered to your spine. These electrical stimulations help block pain signals across the spine – providing better relief. Of course, consult an experienced pain management doctor to evaluate the scope of spinal cord stimulation (SCS) for your specific condition. Indeed, consider specialized spinal cord stimulation to experience improved pain management in Union City NJ.

Pain Management Injections

Consider specialized injections to experience improved pain management in Union City NJ. These injections are ideal for temporary pain relief in the back. Certified pain management specialists inject cortisone into the affected area. This injected steroid helps prevent inflammation in various trigger points around the targeted muscles. For better relief, your doctor may also use a numbing agent as well. Since the relief is temporary, the physician may prescribe other interventional treatments for long-term effects. Indeed, consult a pain management doctor in Union City New Jersey for specialized injections.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS)

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) is another state-of-the-art pain management service in Union City NJ. These minimally invasive surgical procedures help address specific conditions – a herniated disc or spinal stenosis. Your physician may recommend MISS when physical therapy or medication fails to alleviate pain. Compared to open surgeries, these minimally invasive procedures require smaller incisions and faster recovery. During the treatment, your orthopedic surgeon may apply anesthesia to numb the targeted area on your spine. Of course, you will receive a prescription course before and after the surgery to help prevent infection. Definitely, consider minimally invasive spine surgery for pain management in Union City New Jersey.

There are several services for effective pain management in Union City New Jersey. Physical therapy is a state-of-the-art treatment to alleviate pain and return to your everyday lifestyle. Athletes may consider specialized sports medicine treatments to address common injuries. Patients with chronic spinal pain may consider advanced spinal cord stimulation for faster and more effective pain relief. Pain management specialists may also prescribe steroid injections to help relieve inflammation and provide temporary pain relief. For severe injuries, visit a pain management center in New Jersey minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) to address chronic pain. Follow the points above to learn more about advanced Union City pain management services in NJ.

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