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How A Sports Runners Doctor NJ Can Help In Time For The NYC Marathon

With the NYC Marathon around the corner, many avid runners are seeking the professional expertise and medical knowledge of sports doctors NJ. Sports doctors help professional and recreational athletes hit the ground running in 5Ks, foot races, marathons, and other running events. These medical experts offer training advice, post-race recovery services, and other treatments to help you get the most out of your run. As an active runner yourself, you should know what your local sports medicine doctor Englewood NJ can do for your training and preparation goals. Read on to learn how a sports runners doctor NJ can help in time for the NYC Marathon.

Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis is a common condition that effects many sports runners in New York City. It occurs when the Achilles tendon – which connects calf muscles and heel bones – is injured as a result of overuse. To minimize discomfort, your doctor may recommend to modify activity levels, especially in preparation for the New York City marathons. Specifically, they’ll recommend that you lower the intensity and duration of your workouts. They may also prescribe physical therapy (PT) exercises that strengthen the calm muscles and other afflicted areas. With sports medicine physical therapy in Jersey City NJ, you can reduce pain, improve your range of motion, and strengthen balance. Certainly, Achilles tendinitis is a common condition that can be treated by NYC Marathon prep doctors NJ.

Runners Knee

Your NYC Marathon doctor can help you with treatments, recommendations, and therapies for runners knee. Runners knee is best described as a dull, grinding, and rubbing pain that occurs in the front of the knee. To alleviate your condition in time for the race, doctors recommend icing, resting , and elevating. They may also recommend some stretching, strengthening, and mobility exercises. During this recovery period, you’ll be encouraged to refrain from running, jogging, or other strenuous physical activity. Surely, NJ sports runners doctors are extremely experienced in treating runners knee and other common athletic ailments.

Hamstring Strains

Athletic runners in the New York City Marathon have also reported hamstring strains as a common injury during the race. Fortunately, your NJ sports doctor can help you find solutions to prevent this condition, and minimize associated pain. For these ailments, elevation, stretching, ice, rest, and compression are often the best treatments. After some time, you can start lightly jogging again, then gradually progressing. Most of these treatment options can be preformed right from home. Of course, you should still seek doctor’s supervision throughout the healing process. Indeed, seek runner doctor NJ assistance and support in preparation for the NYC Marathon.

Shin Splints

Nearly every long-distance runner has had difficulties with shin splints before. New Jersey sports running doctors are skilled in recommending treatments and prevention methods for these common ailments. Shin splints occur as a result of tendon, muscle, and bone tissue overuse. They’re fairly common in athletes looking to revamp or intensify their training regiment – such as in preparation for the New York City Marathon. For a treatment, your doctor can help you with guided therapies, exercises, and massages. They’ll also advise you to follow the RISE recovery principles – rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Absolutely, your NYC Marathon running doctor is a great resource to help you with shin splints.

Sprains & Stress Fractures

If you encounter a sprain or stress fracture while running, you can count on your NJ sports doctor to help. These injuries are fairly common for runners and recreational athletes alike. A sprain can be a tear or stretch of the ligaments – while a stress fracture involves a small crack or bruising of the bone. For sprains, your doctor will likely recommend rest, ice, and compression. For more serious fractures, however, some form of bracing or casting may be necessary. Definitely, sprains and stress fractures are common conditions for runners in New York City.


A sports runners doctor NJ can help significantly in approach of the New York City Marathon. First and foremost, a sports doctor for runners New Jersey can help with Achilles tendinitis. In addition, these expert practitioners offer professional treatments for runners knee. You can also see a doctor if you are suffering from hamstring strains. Or, they can offer their professional guidance for shin splints. Other common conditions for runners are sprains and stress fractures. Follow the points highlighted above to learn how a sports runners doctor NJ can help in time for the NYC Marathon.

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