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Conditions Treated By Autoimmune Disease Specialists In NJ

Autoimmune disease specialists in NJ provide treatments for a variety of chronic medical conditions. These medical professionals identify the primary cause of any autoimmune diseases. After a thorough diagnosis, physicians develop an individualized treatment plan – tailored to improve overall life quality. Irrespective of the chronic disease, autoimmune specialists follow a functional approach with a focus on the patient’s lifestyle and genetic background. Their personalized treatment approach helps eliminate inflammation and toxins. As someone struggling with chronic illnesses, visit a professional autoimmune disease wellness doctor in NJ to experience improved wellness. Keep reading to learn about various conditions treated by autoimmune disease specialists in New Jersey.

Rheumatic Diseases

Autoimmune disease specialists in NJ provide specialized treatment for chronic Rheumatic disorders. Compared to regular arthritis, Rheumatic disorders may affect younger and older adults. Board-certified specialists follow a multidisciplinary approach to address common Rheumatic symptoms – including arthritis, muscle pain, and fatigue. With the latest medical technologies, these physicians provide personalized diagnosis and treatment to help improve quality of life. In addition, board-certified doctors may provide additional physical care and therapeutic services for improved pain management during Rheumatic Arthritis. Indeed, contact a certified autoimmune disease specialist in NJ to treat Rheumatic disorders.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Consult autoimmune disease specialists in New Jersey for an advanced Multiple Sclerosis (MS) treatment plan. To design an MS treatment plan, autoimmune doctors first lab tests and multiple diagnoses to rule out conditions with similar symptoms. Typically, Multiple Sclerosis care programs follow an integrative approach to help alleviate common symptoms – including fatigue, chronic pain, and muscle weakness. Based on the affected nerves, your treatment may include infusion, physical, and occupational therapies. In addition, autoimmune specialists may provide wellness coaching in NJ to help alleviate depression, anxiety, and mood swings – common psychological symptoms in Multiple Sclerosis patients. Indeed, the best autoimmune disease specialists in NJ provide state-of-the-art treatment care for Multiple Sclerosis (MS).


Lupus is another chronic condition treated by autoimmune disease specialists in New Jersey. Typically, Lupus treatment starts with multiple diagnoses – including physical examination, blood & imaging tests, and kidney biopsies. At first, autoimmune specialists may prescribe medication to help delay Lupus progression in your body. In addition, medical infusions and injections are used to alleviate inflammation – preventing severe damage to joints, skin, and organs. Additionally, the treatment plan may address other Lupus-related conditions, including high cholesterol, blood pressure, and infection. Definitely, contact autoimmune doctors in NJ for a specialized Lupus treatment program.

Celiac Disease

Consult a top-rated auto-immune specialist in New Jersey for Celiac disease treatment. These physicians work with you closely to help sustain a lifelong gluten-free diet. To help alleviate Celiac disease symptoms, autoimmune dieticians develop customized meal plans that eliminate gluten from your daily diet. Plus, these specialists may conduct blood and antibody tests to monitor the effects of dietary changes on your body. During your Celian disease treatment, your specialist will recommend safer gluten alternatives – including rice, quinoa, fruits, and vegetables. These gluten-free products help prevent malnutrition – a common symptom experienced during Celiac disease. Certainly, board-certified autoimmune disease specialists offer advanced Celiac diagnosis, testing, and treatments.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Get in touch with NJ’s best autoimmune specialists for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) treatments. Autoimmune gastroenterologists provide comprehensive care for all three IBD disorders – including Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, and Microscopic Colitis. Typically, the treatment plan depends on the type of specific inflammatory bowel disorder and the underlying symptoms. Autoimmune specialists start with milder over-the-counter medication to help manage constipation, abdominal pain, and other IBD symptoms. These medicines may include antibiotics, immuno-modulators, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Indeed, contact expert autoimmune disease specialists in New Jersey for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) treatments.

Board-certified auto-immune disease specialists in NJ provide advanced treatments for multiple chronic conditions. Following a multidisciplinary approach, these physicians help alleviate multiple symptoms of Rheumatic disease. For Multiple Sclerosis, the treatment plan may include physical, occupational, and infusion therapy. In addition, top-rated Jersey City medical center affiliated doctors also specialize in Lupus disease treatments – with a focus on alleviating underlying inflammation. Reach out to an autoimmune dietician to adopt a sustainable gluten-free diet for Celiac disease. Additionally, these specialists also provide comprehensive care for multiple IBD disorders. Follow the points above to learn more about various conditions treated by autoimmune disease specialists in New Jersey.

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