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How A Doctor For Functional Medicine Bergen County NJ Treats You

Bergen County doctors for functional medicine offer several solutions, services, and medical approaches to help patients get better. Functional, alternative, or holistic doctors utilize a broad spectrum of services to investigate, diagnose, and address chronic pain. With their wide range of medical experience and expertise, these practitioners can help patients recover from inflammatory conditions, auto-immune diseases, or debilitating chronic pain. As a New Jersey patient, you should meet with a functional medicine doctor to potentially overcome, eliminate, and prevent discomfort. To help you get started, read on to learn about how a doctor for functional medicine Bergen County NJ helps you get better.

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments (OMT)

First off, NJ osteopathic manipulation is a highly-effective, widely-prescribed form of functional medicine Bergen County. Essentially, OMT utilized hands-on, physical techniques to treat, diagnose, and prevent chronic pain. Typically, these protocols are recommended and performed by osteopathic physicians, also known as DOs. Of course, there are several popular forms of OMT procedures. Some of the most popular include the myofascial release, strain-counterstrain, and muscle energy technique. At the same time, many doctors will prescribe osteopathic high velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) procedures as well. Certainly, osteopathic functional medicine Bergen County NJ is an excellent solution to help you get better.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Next, doctors for functional medicine in Bergen County NJ offer personalized treatment plans to help you recover, rehabilitate, and prevent future pain. Unlike other treatment protocols, functional medicine aims to treat the root cause of diseases, ailments, illnesses, and injuries. Typically, this involves formulating detailed treatment plans which include your lifestyle, genetic predisposition, and biochemistry. Of course, personalized medicine provides a more accurate prediction of how exercises, medications, and treatment regiments will effect your wellbeing. Of course, this will improve decision-making process regarding your health and treatment. Absolutely, personalized treatment plans are a core component of functional medicine Bergen County NJ.

Physical Therapy (PT)

In addition, physical therapy is another effective form of functional medicine in Bergen County New Jersey. Simply, PT is a rehabilitative form of medicine that uses body movement therapies and strategically-designed exercises to help you regain physical abilities. Traditionally, this form of treatment relies on advanced physical methods, such as exercise, massage, and heat treatments to address conditions, deformities, or diseases. To harness the power of technology, many medical centers have additionally begun offering virtual reality physical therapy NJ. Participating in these treatments, you can potentially eliminate pain, avoid surgery, and re-develop your mobility skills. At the same time, PT can help you return to activities, improve your balance, and prevent falls. Indeed, physical therapy is another effective form of functional medicine Bergen County North Jersey.

Sports Medicine

Moreover, sports functional medicine Bergen County NJ will certainly help you recover in a timely manner. Sports medicine is concerned with treating injuries related to athletic activities, sports, or exercise. These procedures focus on proper functioning and optimal performance during physical activities. Of course, these programs aim to prevent chronic pain and deliver a speedy athletic recovery. At the same time, these treatments promote exclusive care, innovative procedures, and preventative care. Definitely, sports treatments are one of the best types of functional medicine in Bergen County NJ.


Of course, acupuncture is another popular form of integrative and functional medicine Bergen County New Jersey. Acupuncture treatments involve pricking the tissues or skins with needles. This is known to treat a wide range of chronic pain, mental, and emotional conditions. These treatments achieve this by stimulating your central nervous system. When properly administered, this will release pain-alleviating chemicals into your spinal cord, muscles, and brain. Receiving these services, you can take advantage of your body’s natural chronic pain relief and healing capabilities. This, in turn, will drastically promote your physical well-being and pain recovery. Surely, acupuncture is a widely-used, effective form of functional medicine Bergen County NJ.

There are several key steps to understand how doctors for functional medicine in New Jersey help you get better. First and foremost, consider advanced OMT procedures to recover and get well faster. Next, personalized treatment plans help you recover faster, in accordance with your needs. In addition, physical therapy helps you treat chronic pain through exercise, body movement, and manipulation. Moreover, speak with your Bergen County sports medicine doctor about the most appropriate treatments for your condition. Of course, acupuncture is another widely used form of treatment. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about how a doctor for functional medicine Bergen County NJ helps you get better.

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