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What Tennis Elbow Treatment Near Me Do Doctors Recommend?

Many patients are asking, \”What tennis elbow treatment near me do doctors recommend?\” Notably, any repetitive, forceful motion that pulls on the tendon or muscle in your elbow can cause this condition. For example, athletes often develop tennis elbow from hitting backhands in tennis. In addition, patients can develop tennis elbow from working on cars, playing musical instruments, or cutting down trees. As an individual experiencing chronic pain outside of your elbow, you need to know what treatments doctors recommend. This way, you can visit the best pain clinic in New Jersey and get back to your everyday activities. Read on to learn about what tennis elbow treatment near me doctors recommend.

At Home Self Care

First, many doctors recommend at home self care for tennis elbow treatment near me. For example, you should rest your arm and avoid activities that aggravate your elbow pain. If you typically lift weights for exercise, consider doing light walking or riding a stationary bike while you heal. You can also apply ice in 15 minute increments to your elbow. Typically, doctors recommend doing this about three to four times per day. If needed, you can also try over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or naproxen. Before taking these, make sure they do not adversely react with any of your other medications. Of course, follow the dosing recommendations on the bottle to take these medications safely. Definitely, practice at home self care for tennis elbow treatment near me.

Physical Therapy

Next, your physician may recommend physical therapy for tennis elbow treatment near me. Typically, your doctor can walk you through different exercises you can do to restore strength and mobility to your elbow. For example, they might show you how to do fist clench exercises. Here, you sit and rest your forearm on a table. Then, you squeeze a rolled up towel in your hand. Ideally, you should hold this for about 10 seconds and repeat 10 times. Since poor grip strength is a common symptom of tennis elbow, this is key to restore mobility. Of course, you can also get sports physicals Jersey City to check your overall health. Absolutely, ask your doctor about physical therapy for tennis elbow treatment near me.

Splint Or Brace

In addition, many doctors can provide splints or braces for tennis elbow treatment near me. Notably, some doctors recommend a simple wrist brace. Typically, this works to stabilize your forearm and prevent you from aggravating your tendon. Depending on your doctor\’s advice, you should wear your brace at night and during the day when the pain is more bothersome. Additionally, your doctor may provide a tennis-elbow strap called a counter force brace. Usually, you need to wear this when working out, performing yard work, or grocery shopping if you are not resting. Alternatively, some doctors may wrap your arm in a compression bandage. In short, ask your physician about splint and brace options for tennis elbow treatment near me.

PRP Therapy

Moreover, you can also get platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy for tennis elbow treatment near me. For this, your doctor takes blood from your arm. Then, they spin it in a centrifuge to separate your red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelet rich plasma. Once they concentrate the platelets, they can inject these directly into your injured body tissue. Often, the plasma releases growth factors that increase reparative cells around the tendon. This way, you can speed up the healing process. In addition, PRP injections NYC treatments can reduce the need for anti-inflammatories and stronger medications like opioids. Since the injections are created from your own blood, side effects are usually minimal. Indeed, your body is highly unlikely to reject the treatment. Therefore, ask your doctor about PRP therapy for tennis elbow treatment near me.

Ultrasound Therapy

Furthermore, your tennis elbow doctors near me may recommend ultrasound therapy treatment. Typically, physical therapists use this to relieve chronic pain and promote tissue healing. For example, your doctor may use thermal ultrasound therapy to transmit warm, microscopic vibrations in deep tissue molecules. Often, this increases heat and friction. Plus, the warming effect can encourage healing in your soft tissue by increasing cellular metabolism. Alternatively, your doctor may use mechanical ultrasound therapy to decrease your body\’s inflammatory response. This can cause expansion and contraction in tiny gas bubbles in soft tissues. Then, you can reduce your pain and swelling. Undoubtedly, ask your doctor about ultrasound therapy for tennis elbow treatment near me.

Many patients ask \”What tennis elbow treatment near me do doctors recommend?\” First, you should follow your physician\’s at home self care recommendations. Next, ask your doctor about getting physical therapy to regain strength and mobility. In addition, you can get a splint or brace to provide support as you heal. Moreover, PRP therapy is a great, low-risk option to reduce your pain. Furthermore, ultrasound therapy can also encourage healing, reduce inflammation, decrease your swelling. Consider these points to learn about what tennis elbow treatment near me do doctors recommend.

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