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The Process For PRP Hair Loss Treatment In NJ

Discover the process for PRP hair loss treatment in NJ. Board-certified doctors tailor custom treatment plans to slow, stop, and reverse hair loss. A well-structured PRP treatment process can help address hair loss caused by age, genetics, or even health conditions. Additionally, the treatment may help reverse hair growth in male pattern baldness, alopecia, and thinning eyebrows. As someone dealing with hair loss, consider PRP injections in Jersey City to restore growth. Your physician will guide you through the entire treatment process – resulting in thicker, healthy, and longer hair. Keep reading to learn about the complete process for PRP hair loss treatment in NJ.

Candidate Evaluation For PRP Therapy

To start the process, board-certified physicians first evaluate the candidate for PRP hair loss treatment in NJ. Typically, individuals with overall good health, weak follicles, and small bald areas can undergo PRP treatment for hair restoration. Plus, the treatment may help restore hair in men and women. During the initial evaluation, your physician may look into your medical history for blood disorders. These blood-related medical conditions affect platelet count – restricting PRP injections to restore hair growth. Similarly, patients with low blood pressure, active smoking habits, and hormonal imbalances may not qualify for PRP hair restoration therapy. Indeed, candidate evaluation is the first step of the PRP hair loss restoration process in NJ.

Pre-Treatment Preparations

Learn about the pre-treatment preparations for PRP hair loss treatment in New Jersey. As a part of the routine process, you can ask your doctor various questions to prepare for PRP injections. Typically, you may only need a day off from work to undergo the treatment. Avoid donating blood a few weeks before the scheduled procedure to maintain a healthy supply of platelet-rich plasma. During the initial consultation, your physician may also ask you to quit smoking and pause certain medications. These preparations are necessary to revive damaged hair follicles and promote effective restoration. Indeed, contact a certified physician in NJ to prepare for PRP hair loss treatment.

PRP Cell Extraction For Hair Growth

Cell extraction is a crucial step in the process of PRP hair loss treatment in NJ. The patient’s collected blood sample is placed into a centrifuge system to extract platelet-rich plasma. During the PRP extraction, physicians focus on isolating specific cells that promote hair growth – including PDGF, FGF-2, TGF-b, and IGF. These cells promote blood vessel formation, cell replication, and skin formation. The isolated PRP cells contain growth factors and multiple bioactive proteins – required to promote hair density. Indeed, top-rated physicians extract growth cells as a part of the PRP hair loss treatment process in NJ.

Begin PRP Injections

At this stage of the process, hair loss PRP specialists in NJ begin preparing the injections. The extracted PRP samples are injected into damaged hair follicles and balded areas on your scalp. As a non-surgical treatment, PRP injections are usually pain-free – with mild discomfort in some cases. Once injected, the plasma-rich platelets promote blood flow and stimulate natural hair loss restoration in NJ. Based on your hair restoration goals, you may need up to three injections 4-6 weeks apart. Some patients may also need four injections every month to experience healthy, full, and thick hair growth. Definitely, consult your physician to begin with PRP injections for hair loss treatment in NJ.

Recovery For Healthy Hair Restoration

Healthy recovery is an essential part of the PRP hair loss treatment process in NJ. After receiving PRP injections, you may resume normal activities within a few hours of the treatment. For an effective recovery, you should avoid strenuous physical activities that may trigger excess sweating. Plus, maintain a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle to experience positive hair growth results. Follow your doctor’s instructions to maintain a healthy hair care routine during the recovery. Typically, experienced doctors ask patients to avoid chemicals, harsh hair products, and frequent heat styling. Some patients also experience swelling, mild redness, and tenderness across the scalp.

Board-certified doctors follow a comprehensive process for PRP hair loss treatment in NJ. The process starts with a thorough evaluation to determine if you’re the right candidate for PRP treatment. Next, avoid donating blood a few weeks prior to preparing for your treatment. At this point, your doctor will extract growth cells from collected blood samples to prepare PRP injections. Next, your doctor will prepare PRP injections NYC to infuse the bloodstream with hair growth factors. After the treatment is completed, follow your doctor’s instructions for a healthier recovery. Follow the points above to learn about the detailed process for PRP hair loss treatment in NJ.

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