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What Does The Best Orthopedic Doctor In Paramus NJ Do For Patients?

There are several services the best orthopedic doctor Paramus NJ provides for patients. Notably, many individuals decide to see an orthopaedic doctor when they\’re experiencing hip, knee, or back pain. In addition, people often see an orthopedist when experiencing joint pain, limited range of motion, or signs of an infection. Of course, patients can also see an orthopedic doctor or sports medicine physician NJ when they\’re referred from their primary care physician. As an individual looking for orthopedic medical services, you need to know what a physician can do for you. This way, you can learn more about your treatment options and get back to the activities you love. Read on to learn about what does the best orthopedic doctor Paramus NJ do for patients.

Treats & Prevents Injuries

First, an orthopedic doctor Paramus New Jersey can treat and prevent different types of injuries. For example, many physicians treat fractures such as broken hips, wrists, and kneecaps. They can also treat compression fractures of the vertebrae as well. In addition, orthopedic doctors often treat meniscus tears, torn rotator cuffs, and tendon injuries such as an Achilles or ACL rupture. Notably, they can also treat plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Of course, doctors often go over prevention strategies for sports injuries as well. This way, you can reduce your pain and gradually start physical activity again. Definitely, an orthopedic physician Paramus NJ is great to treat and prevent injuries.

Treats Neck & Back Pain

Next, an orthopaedic doctor Paramus NJ can also treat neck and back pain. Indeed, many doctors have the tools to diagnose herniated discs, arthritis, and degenerative disc disease. in addition, they can often identify spinal stenosis, sciatica, and strained soft tissues as well. From there, they can recommend proper treatment such as physical therapy, injections, or rest. Importantly, back pain can lead to chronic conditions when left untreated. For many patients, it can cause painful movement and limit mobility as well. Therefore, it is critical to go to a back and neck pain relief center NJ for evaluation, especially if your pain is accompanied by numbness or weakness. In short, an orthopedic doctor Paramus NJ is great to treat neck and back pain.

Improves Range Of Motion

In addition, the best orthopedic doctor Paramus can also improve patients\’ range of motion. Notably, many orthopedists recommend patients get physical therapy. Here, a PT can administer tests to measure how well you can move, reach, and bend. They can also assess your posture, balance, and strength. Then, your physical therapist can guide you through different exercises and stretches to target your weak area. Additionally, they might give massage, heat, or cold therapy to ease muscle spasms. By increasing your range of motion, you can complete daily tasks such as showering, cleaning, and bending over easier. Absolutely, see an orthopedic physician Paramus NJ to improve your range of motion.

Performs Minimally Invasive Surgery

Moreover, the best orthopedic medical center Paramus NJ can also perform minimally invasive surgery to treat your conditions. For example, orthopedists commonly perform knee arthroscopy to treat ACL and meniscus tears. With this procedure, your physician makes two small incisions in the knee. Then, they use a camera mounted on an arthroscope or thin, flexible tube to guide the operating instruments. Notably, doctors can perform arthroscopy procedures on hips, shoulders, and wrists. Depending on your injury, they can also do minimally invasive lumbar spinal fusion New Jersey or total joint replacement. With total joint replacement, doctors remove damaged joint surfaces and replace them with artificial joint components. Since incisions are smaller, there are lower risks for infection when getting this procedure from your orthopedic doctor Paramus NJ.

Provides Rehabilitation Programs

Furthermore, orthopedic centers Paramus New Jersey can also provide rehabilitation programs. Typically, your orthopedic doctor creates a personalized treatment based on your injury, condition, and severity. Then, they can adjust it according to your recovery progress along the way. For example, they may provide a post-acute inpatient program for someone recovering from an amputation due to diabetes. On the other hand, someone with a shoulder fracture may get outpatient rehabilitation. Whichever approach your doctor recommends, these programs are great to gradually strengthen the body. Certainly, ask your orthopedic doctor Paramus NJ about your rehabilitation options.

There are several services the best orthopedic doctor Paramus NJ provides for patients. First, your doctor can work with you to treat and prevent injuries. Next, they can also treat neck and back pain. In addition, many orthopedic centers can improve your range of motion. Of course, they can also perform minimally invasive surgery for a lower-risk care option. Furthermore, many physicians can provide a rehabilitation program to get your strength back up. Consider these points to learn about what does the best orthopedic doctor Paramus NJ do for patients.

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