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5 Conditions EMG Nerve Testing In Jersey City NJ Can Detect

There are several conditions EMG nerve testing Jersey City NJ can detect. Importantly, electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies can measure nerves\’ electrical activity. Using these tests, doctors can diagnose a variety of muscular and nerve disorders. Indeed, EMG tests can determine if muscles are responding properly to nerve signals. On the other hand, nerve conduction studies can diagnose nerve damage or disease. Typically, doctors conduct these tests together to determine the cause of your condition. As a patient experiencing muscle or nerve pain, you need to know what conditions nerve tests can detect. This way, you can ask your nerve pain specialist NJ about your treatment options. Read on to learn about the most common conditions EMG nerve testing Jersey City NJ can detect.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

First, many doctors use EMG nerve testing Jersey City to diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome. For a nerve conduction velocity test (NCV), the doctor places a small electrode on your skin near the elbow. This electrode sends a current down your median nerve to your fingers. The more time it takes to get to your fingers, the higher the damage usually is. In the second part of the exam, doctors use an EMG to measure how well the muscles are working around your median nerve. Here, they place a small needle electrode into the muscles in your hand and arm. Then, the needle sends impulses into the muscle. Using this information, they can determine if your median nerve is damaged or squeezed. Definitely, ask your doctor about EMG nerve testing Jersey City NJ for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tennis Elbow

In addition, your doctor may also use EMG nerve testing Jersey City NJ to diagnose tennis elbow. Typically, they use this test to rule out nerve compression as the cause of your pain. Indeed, the symptoms of nerve compression are often similar to those of tennis elbow due to the positioning and number of nerves. To decide if an EMG for tennis elbow is necessary, your functional medicine Bergen County NJ doctor may ask if you have burning in the outer part of your elbow or weak grip strength. Indeed, these are telltale signs of tennis elbow and can signal to your physician you need an EMG test to narrow your diagnosis. In short, talk to your doctor about EMG nerve testing Jersey City NJ if you suspect you have tennis elbow.


In addition, doctors can also conduct EMG and nerve conduction testing Jersey City NJ for sciatica. During the EMG, doctors place thin needs in your muscle to record the electrical activity. Simultaneously, physicians also do a nerve conduction study to determine if the sciatic nerve is working properly. During these tests, they place electrodes on your skin along the nerve pathway from the back of your pelvis down your thigh. As they stimulate the nerve at these sites, your healthcare provider can determine the specific site of your injury. If necessary, they can also use an MRI to gather detailed images of organs and structures in your body as well. With EMG nerve testing Jersey City, you can diagnosis for sciatica so you can start getting treatment.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Moreover, doctors can also use EMG nerve testing Jersey City New Jersey to diagnose diabetic neuropathy. Notably, nerve conduction velocity tests can measure how long it takes for nerves to transmit signals. If nerves don\’t transmit messages as quickly as they should, this may signal to your pain management Paramus NJ doctor possible damage from neuropathy. In addition, your physician can use an EMG to detect muscle damage as well. If you have diabetes, you should try to see a doctor for neuropathy screening. This way, they can check the circulation, coloration, and condition of your feet. If you have symptoms such as tingling, burning, or ulcers, this can tell your doctor they need to run nerve tests. Undoubtedly, ask your doctor about nerve testing Jersey City NJ to check for diabetic neuropathy.

Back Pain

Furthermore, your doctor may also order EMG diagnostic nerve testing Jersey City for back pain. Typically, EMG tests for back pain take about 30 to 90 minutes depending on your condition and the doctor\’s findings. To prepare for your EMG, you should shower the morning of your procedure and avoid applying lotion if possible. Indeed, oily skin can affect the outcome of the test. During the test, your doctor will likely place several small, acupuncture-sized needles in several of your back or neck muscles. Then, they can see and hear the electrical signals that travel from the needle to the EMG machine. Using the results, your physician can identify pinched nerves, radiculopathy, muscular dystrophy, and other conditions. Certainly, consult with your doctor about EMG nerve tests Jersey City NJ to get a proper diagnosis for your back pain.

There are several conditions EMG nerve testing Jersey City NJ can detect. First, many doctors use EMG nerve testing to diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome. Next, they can also distinguish tennis elbow from nerve compression. In addition, EMG tests and nerve conduction testing can detect sciatica as well. Moreover, doctors can also test to diagnose diabetic neuropathy. Furthermore, nerve tests can also determine the cause of your back pain. Consider these points to learn about what conditions EMG nerve testing Jersey City NJ can detect.

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