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How The Best Neck Doctor NJ Treats Patient’s Chronic Pain

There are several steps the best neck doctor NJ takes to treat patient\’s chronic pain. According to recent data, over 10% of men and nearly 15% of women struggle with neck pain. Importantly, patients need to see a doctor if pain is so bad it interferes with their normal day-to-day activities. In addition, they should seek medical attention if pain gets worse or last several weeks. As a patient struggling with neck pain, you need to know how the best specialists and car accident doctor NJ can provide treatment. This way, you can prevent your condition from getting worse and get back to your regular activities. Read on to learn about how the best neck doctor NJ treats patient\’s chronic pain.

Identify Neck Pain Causes

First, the best neck doctor NJ can identify the causes of your pain so you can avoid making it worse. Typically, they\’ll ask about your sitting habits, physical activity, and daily routines. Then, they can pinpoint certain activities that may contribute to your pain. For example, poor posture or sleeping on your stomach may cause repeated pain in your neck. In addition, your neck may hurt from looking down at a laptop or cell phone for long periods of time. The ergonomics of your workstation setup can also influence your pain levels. Of course, a quick turn of the head or a trauma may flare also cause a flare. Definitely, talk to your orthopedic neck doctor NJ about potential causes of your pain.

Conduct Diagnostics

Next, your neck doctor New Jersey can also conduct diagnostics to determine if you have an injury or chronic condition. At your appointment, your doctor will likely get your complete medical history. Tell them about any problems you\’ve had with your neck in the past. Be sure to mention other injuries or illnesses that may have contributed to your current situation. From there, your sports medicine physician NJ can perform a physical examination to evaluate your neck motion and pain severity. Then, they may order imaging such as X-Rays, an MRI, or CT scan. Importantly, this can help them evaluate your bones, disks, and spinal cord. Of course, they can also see your ligaments, muscles, and nerves. Absolutely, talk with the best neck pain specialist NJ about getting diagnostics.

Recommend Lifestyle Remedies

In addition, your neck doctor NJ can also recommend lifestyle remedies to improve your condition. For example, your specialist may advise you to apply an ice pack for 20 minutes several times a day. Depending on your condition, they may tell you to alternate the cold treatment with a heat pack. Of course, your doctor might also recommend seeing a physical therapist. Notably, these professionals can show you different stretching exercise to regain mobility. Typically, they work alongside you to make sure you\’re getting the proper technique as well. This is highly effective for injury prevention. In short, talk to your neck pain specialist NJ about different lifestyle remedies you can implement.

Alternative Treatments

Moreover, your neck doctor NJ can also provide alternative treatments to improve your neck pain. For example, some practitioners offer acupuncture services where they insert thin needles at the site of your pain. For many patients, this reduces inflammation and promotes a healthy energy flow. In addition, your doctor may recommend massage therapy or spinal cord stimulator Bergen County NJ to release neck tension and pain. You can also practice yoga or pilates to improve your core strength, posture, and balance. Holistic doctors can also provide herbal remedies such as capsaicin cream. Derived from the chili pepper, this cream can help osteoarthritis and muscle pain. Undoubtedly, talk with your neck pain doctor New Jersey about alternative treatment options.

Offer Therapeutic Injections

Furthermore, your neck pain specialist NJ can also offer therapeutic injections. For example, some doctors may offer a corticosteroid injection if your pain is caused by a pinched nerve or a herniated disc. Notably, these steroids have powerful anti-inflammatory properties to provide relief. In addition, doctors can also administer an epidural injection if you have cervical spinal stenosis. Typically, these injection procedures last about 30 minutes. Since they\’re minimally invasive, there\’s a low risk for side effects. Of course, most doctors recommend other conservative treatments first. Still, these can be a great option if you have not found relief. Certainly, many neck doctors NJ offer therapeutic injections.

There are several steps the best neck doctor NJ takes to treat patient\’s chronic pain. First, your neck doctor works to identify the cause of your pain. Next, your neck pain doctor can also conduct diagnostics to see if you have an injury or chronic condition. In addition, they may recommend lifestyle remedies such as ice and heat. Moreover, you can also get alternative treatments such as acupuncture, massage, and herbal remedies. Furthermore, ask your doctor about therapeutic injections if you still haven\’t found relief. Consider these points to learn about how the best neck doctor NJ treats patient\’s chronic pain.

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