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When To See A Foot And Ankle Injury Doctor Jersey City

There are several instances when it is time to see a foot and ankle injury doctor Jersey City New Jersey. Ankle sprains, breaks, and features are some of the most common types of athletic sports-related injuries. In fact, nearly two-million patients suffer from an ankle sprain alone every year. While a majority of patients do not seek medical treatment for ankle pain, there are several specific cases that warrant immediate professional attention. This way, you can minimize discomfort, prevent future sports injuries, and improve your mobility. Simultaneously, seeking timely medical treatment may help you avoid surgery, and other potentially addictive pain medications. To help you understand the appropriate treatment and rehabilitation protocols, read on to learn about when to see a foot and ankle injury doctor Jersey City.

Bone Misalignment

If bone misalignment occurs as a result of your ankle injury, it is important to get in contact with your sports medicine doctor Jersey City NJ immediately. Simply, misalignment occurs when the bone in the ankle slips out of place and loses its overall stability. Often, this results in a collapse over the heel bone, which can potentially compress the sinus tarsi. Essentially, your heel and ankle bone will collide together. Of course, this misalignment can affect your balance and cause severe pain throughout the body. Certainly, bone alignment is a major cause to immediately visit your Jersey City medical ankle injury doctor.

Significant Ankle Swelling

In addition, significant ankle swelling is a major reason to visit your Jersey City sports injury doctor. If the skin surrounding your ankle appears to be abnormally puffy, stretched, or swollen, you may want to contact your physician. Commonly, swelling can be eliminated with sufficient rest, ice packs, and elevation. However, if swelling is incredibly severe, or does not show signs of improvement with at-home treatment, it is crucial to see your doctor. This way, you can prevent your condition from getting worse and recover faster. Surely, significant ankle swelling is a major reason to see your Jersey City ankle injury doctor.

Signs Of Infection

Next, you need to immediately visit an osteopathic physician Jersey City NJ if you are experiencing any signs of infection. Signs of infection often include redness, warmth, or tenderness. Other major symptoms include fever, or pus oozing, or forming around the wounded area. If this is the case, it is important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Even if you are unsure of an infection, you may still want to visit an ankle doctor whenever you have an open wound, visible deformity, or a noticeable break. Indeed, signs of infection are an incredibly important reason to visit a Jersey City North Jersey ankle injury doctor.


Of course, ankle numbness additionally warrants a visit to an ankle injury doctor Jersey City Northern NJ. Major injuries in the ankles can put pressure on the body’s nerves, which will cause the feet or legs to go numb. Similar conditions include tingling, weaknesses, or “pins and needles.” In many cases, this is a result of sciatica, tarsal tunnel syndrome, peripheral arterial disease. However, numbness most commonly occurs after a major ankle break or sprain. Indubitably, numbness is a major injury symptom that warrants an ankle injury Jersey City doctor visit.

Major Sprains

If you have suffered a major sprain, you may want to schedule an appointment with your foot and ankle injury doctor Jersey City NJ. There are several key factors that qualify for a major ankle sprain. For example, you may experience a sudden pain or pulling sensation whenever you try to twist or move your ankle. Similarly, you may hear a popping sound from your injury whenever you try to perform basic activities. Other common symptoms include pain, tenderness, or bruising occurring on your ankle. At the same time, these conditions may impact your ability to bear weight on your afflicted leg. Indubitably, you may want to visit a foot and ankle medical doctor Jersey City NJ if you have suffered major sprains.

There are several key instances where it will likely be beneficial to see a Jersey City foot and ankle doctor. First off, you will need to contact your Jersey City medical rehabilitation center in the event of bone misalignment. In addition, significant ankle swelling additionally warrants a visit to your doctor. Next, contact your medical professional if you have any signs of infection. Of course, check in with your doctor if you are experiencing burning, tingling, or numbness in your ankles. Moreover, visit your doctor if you are suffering from major sprains. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about when to see a foot and ankle injury doctor Jersey City.

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