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5 Pain Management Jersey City Approaches Without Medication

There are several effective pain management Jersey City approaches without medication. According to recent data, nearly 100 million Americans live with some form of chronic pain. For nearly two decades, the first line of defense for many patients opioid drugs. Now, many physicians are moving away from these medications to more holistic pain management NJ to reduce addiction risk. As a patient suffering from chronic pain, you need to know the best non-drug pain management techniques in your local area. This way, you can access safe, quality treatment as you start your path towards recovery. Read on to discover the most effective pain management Jersey City approaches without medication.


First and foremost, acupuncture is one of the most effective non-drug approaches to pain management Jersey City NJ. Typically, pain management doctors insert thin needles through your skin at specific points on your body. In addition, some doctors may use pressure, electrical stimulation, and heat as well. Notably, acupuncture can release chemicals into muscles, the spinal cord, and the brain. For many patients, these biochemical changes can stimulate the body\’s natural healing abilities. Simultaneously, they can promote physical and emotional well-being as well. Indeed, many patients report feeling relaxed or energized during treatment. Importantly, acupuncture is great for arthritis, lower back pain, and other musculoskeletal conditions. Definitely, ask your doctor about acupuncture for non-pharmacological pain management Jersey City.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

Next, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is another popular non-drug pain management approach Jersey City. With electrical nerve stimulator therapy NJ, your physician usually places electrodes on your back. Then, these devices give off an electric signal to stimulate nerve cells through your skin. Often, the numb-like feeling that results from this treatment can help overcome pain. Indeed, the TENS usually works to block pain messages to the brain. This works to modify pain perception. Notably, TENS therapy is a powerful treatment approach for osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and tendinitis. Many doctors also use it to relieve low back pain and chronic pelvic pain. Absolutely, consult with your physician about TENS therapy for pain management Jersey City NJ.

Physical Therapy

In addition, physical therapy is another highly effective non-drug approach to pain management Jersey City. When you visit a physical therapist, they typically evaluate and assess your overall condition. Additionally, they may take specific measurements or conduct tests to gather more information about your condition. For example, they may check your strength, range of motion, and flexibility. Depending on your condition, they may also check your balance, pulmonary, and cardiac function as well. Once they make a prognosis of your condition, your physical therapist can offer strategies to relieve pain. Often, this involves different exercises, heat, and ice. Plus, they may use electrical stimulation as well. Undoubtedly, physical therapy is a great non-pharmacological treatment for pain management Jersey City NJ.

Biofeedback Therapy

Moreover, many doctors also use biofeedback therapy for pain management Jersey City without medication. During a biofeedback session, your doctor or therapist attaches electrodes to your skin. Then, the electrodes send informarion to a monitoring box. Once your hooked up, the therapist view the measurement on the monitor to identify different mental activities and relaxation techniques to regulate your bodily processes. Eventually, you can learn to regulate involuntary processes such as muscle tension, blood pressure, or heart rate. This can improve a wide range of conditions such as chronic pain, migraines, and high blood pressure. Of course, you can also access medical botox treatment NJ for migraines as well. In short, ask your doctor about biofeedback therapy for pain management Jersey City.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Furthermore, spinal cord stimulation is another effective non-opioid approach to pain management Jersey City. For this treatment, pain management specialists use a device similar to a pacemaker to replace your pain with a more tolerable sensation. Typically, your physician implants this device into your lower back. Here, they attach it to tiny wires located in the spinal canal. When you feel pain, you can use a remote to send signals to the painful area. Often, this will replace the pain with a tingling or massage-like feeling. Simultaneously, this can treat neuropathy or nerve damage in the legs as well. Certainly, ask your physician about spinal cord stimulation for non-drug pain management Jersey City NJ.

There are several effective pain management Jersey City approaches without medication. First, acupuncture is a highly effective therapy to treat arthritis and other muscoloskeletal conditions. Next, TENS can also relieve chronic back and lower pelvic pain. In addition, ask your doctor about physical therapy to support mobility and strength. Moreover, biofeedback is highly effective to regulate your bodily functions. Furthermore, spinal cord stimulation can treat neuropathy as well. Consider these points to learn about the most effective pain management Jersey City approaches without medication.

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