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How Electrical Nerve Stimulator Therapy NJ Works For Chronic Back Pain

There are several key elements to understand how electrical nerve stimulator therapy NJ works for chronic back pain. These revolutionary forms of treatment utilize low-voltage, safe electrical currents to effectively treat pain in the upper, middle, or lower back. Of course, these are strategically used to block, eliminate, or alter patient’s perception of spinal pain. If you are suffering from spinal muscle injuries, herniated discs, pinched nerves, or persisting chronic pain, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, may be the solution you require. This way, you can obtain immediate pain relief throughout the day and lower your intake of medications. To help you recover now, read on to learn about how electrical nerve stimulator therapy NJ works for chronic back pain.

What Are Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators?

First and foremost, you need to consider exactly what transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators are. Essentially, TENS are small, battery-powered devices which send electrical pulses throughout your spine. These pulsed signals are known to release, kickstart your body’s internal pain killers, and stop signals from reaching the brain. To implant a TENS device, electrodes will be placed on the pressure point, or area where the pain is stemming from. When this procedure is properly performed, it creates an effective electrical impulse circuit that travels along your spinal nerves. Then, you can set your machine to deliver different electrical voltages and wavelength frequencies. Of course, the proper intensity levels will be generally determined by your surgical orthopedic physician NJ. Surely, learn what TENS machines are to begin effective electrical nerve stimulator therapy in New Jersey.

What Are Nerve Stimulator Devices Used For?

Next, consider what New Jersey electrical nerve stimulator devices are commonly used for. Of course, these advanced medical machines are utilized for patients with several different types of spinal conditions, deformities, or illnesses. For example, these devices are widely-used for conditions like fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. In addition to chronic back pain, these devices can even be helpful for alleviating neck, muscle, and neuropathic pain. In fact, you can even use a TENS electrical stimulator machine to relieve sudden acute pain, as well as long-lasting, unstoppable discomfort. Indeed, consider what nerve stimulator devices NJ are used for to begin your chronic back pain therapy.

What Happens Prior To Surgery?

At this point, it is time to consider what happens before your NJ spinal cord stimulation surgery. Prior to your procedure, you will be asked to sign consent forms and provide detailed documents related to your medical history. This allows you practitioner to examine your bleeding history, current vitamins, and previous reactions to anesthesia. Then, they may ask you additional detailed questions about any prescriptions, over-the-counter-drugs, or herbal remedies that you may be currently taking. With this information, they may ask you to stop taking some medications prior to your operation. Typically, this includes blood thinners and anti-inflammatory medications. Absolutely, consider what to expect before your electrical nerve stimulator therapy NJ.

Am I An Eligible Candidate For Nerve Stimulator Therapy?

Once you understand what NJ electrical nerve stimulators are and how they work, determine if you are an eligible candidate from therapy. Ideally, TENS device therapy is a great choice for many patients with chronic, debilitating, and persisting back pain. Of course, there are several key conditions that exclude you from this form of treatment. For example, you are not eligible for nerve stimulator therapy NJ if you are currently pregnant. Simultaneously, these treatments are not available to anybody who is currently using a pacemaker or Defibrillator. If you are concerned about your eligibility, you should speak with your practitioner beforehand. These experienced professionals can walk you through all the key requirements from these innovative forms of treatment. Definitely, consider if you are an eligible candidate for electrical nerve stimulator therapy New Jersey.

What To Expect After Your Procedure?

Now, you are ready to learn what to expect after your electrical nerve stimulator procedure NJ. After the outpatient surgical operation is complete, you will discuss the most appropriate pulse strength with your NJ pain management doctor. Then, you will be instructed on how to use your electrical nerve stimulation device in your own home. Typically, you may be encouraged to use your pain-alleviating device up to five times a day. At the same time, you will need to manage surgical aftercare immediately following your operation. Fortunately, these procedures only leave a small, minimally-invasive incision near the insertion area. Throughout recovery, you will need to keep your incision clean and dry until it is completely-healed. Certainly, familiarize yourself with exactly what to expect following your electrical nerve stimulator insertion surgery NJ.

There are several key steps to learn how electrical nerve stimulator therapy New Jersey works for chronic back pain. First off, learn what TENS machines are and how they work. Next, consider what nerve stimulator devices are most commonly used for. Once you understand what these devices are, ask yourself if you are an eligible candidate for therapy. Now, you are ready to learn what will happen after your surgical procedure. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about how electrical nerve stimulator therapy NJ works for chronic back pain.

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