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Why Doctors Are Adopting Holistic Pain Management NJ

There are several reasons why doctors are adopting holistic pain management NJ. Holistic pain management is an alternative treatment approach that accounts for a patient’s emotional, mental, and physical needs. Typically, holistic pain doctors create a personalized treatment plan for each patient, depending on their condition. For example, a medical professional may integrate a combination of massage, yoga, or cognitive-behavioral therapy to relieve pain. Many doctors also use dietary programs, herbal supplements, and medical cannabis as well. As a patient dealing with chronic pain, you need to know the reasons why doctors are implementing a holistic approach. This way, you can feel more comfortable as you try an alternative treatment method. Read on to learn about why doctors are adoption holistic pain management NJ.

Alternative To Opioids

First, many doctors are adopting holistic pain management NJ as an alternative approach to opioids. According to recent data, nearly 10% of patients using opioids for pain management develop a substance use disorder. Indeed, many patients can develop an addiction to prescription pain relievers such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, or fentanyl. Fortunately, a holistic medicine approach does not use any prescription medications. With more natural therapies such as massage, acupuncture, and herbal supplements, doctors significantly reduce risks of dependence and addiction. Similarly, patients tend to build up less resistance to these treatments over time. For example, many holistic doctors use PRP injections NJ to relieve lower back pain for several months at a time. Since this treatment involves injecting the patients with their own platelet-rich plasma, complications and side effects are typically low. Definitely, holistic pain management techniques NJ are a great alternative to opioids.

Support For Overall Well-Being

Next, many holistic pain management doctors NJ recognize how these treatments support a patient’s overall well-being. For example, many holistic doctors use vitamin, herbal, or plant-based supplements for pain relief. In some cases, these supplements can provide more direct relief by reducing inflammation. In addition, they can also improve joint health as well. Depending on your condition, your doctor may recommend vitamin B supplements for pain. Often, these can support your nerve health to reduce pain. Similarly, your physician may recommend vitamins C and D for bone health. They may also recommend taking oral aloe vera for its anti-inflammatory properties. Notably, there are drinkable aloe vera juices your doctor may recommend as well. Absolutely, holistic pain management NJ supports patients’ overall well-being.

Natural Pain Reduction

In addition, many clinics value holistic pain management techniques NJ for their natural pain reduction properties. For example, many holistic doctors use acupuncture to relieve patients’ chronic pain. With this treatment, medical professionals stimulate acu-points near the nerves using stainless steel needles. Notably, this nerve stimulation causes a dull ache or full feeling in the muscle. Then, the muscle sends a message to the brain to release endorphins. Importantly, these endorphins along with other neurotransmitters block the message of pain from reaching the brain. Commonly, holistic doctors use acupuncture to treat headaches, lower back pain, and fibromyalgia. Many patients also see medical cannabis pain management doctors NJ to relieve pain more naturally. Certainly, holistic pain management New Jersey offers great natural pain reduction for a variety of conditions.

Muscle Relaxation & Lower Anxiety

Moreover, many doctors are turning to holistic pain management NJ to relax patients’ muscles and reduce anxiety levels. For example, many holistic doctors are using aromatherapy to stimulate the limbic system and expedite surgery recovery times. According to professional surgeons, lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus oil is effective to reduce migraines. These oils can also work to reduce joint pain as well. Some doctors also use peppermint oil to reduce nausea and ease anxiety. In addition, many holistic medical doctors offer massage therapy. By stretching and massaging the body’s soft tissues, masseuses work to relax muscles. Plus, rehabilitative massage can also reduce pain and inflammation as well. Undoubtedly, doctors are integrating holistic pain management NJ for its great muscle relaxation and anxiety reduction properties.

Emphasis On Mental & Emotional Health

Furthermore, physicians are adopting holistic pain management techniques for their emphasis on mental and emotional health. Often, alternative and integrative treatment plans include mental health counseling or group therapy. With this mind-body approach, doctors can better address the mental impact of chronic pain. Indeed, chronic pain can change the way the body processes pain to make the feeling more intense. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, patients can gain control of their pain. Additionally, they can gain tools to manage the stress, anxiety, and depression that often come with chronic pain. In short, holistic pain management NJ is one of the best alternative approaches for its emphasis on mental and emotional health.

There are several reasons why doctors are adopting holistic pain management NJ. First, holistic pain management or an orthopedic doctor Jersey City offers a great alternative to opioids to reduce instances of substance abuse. In addition, this full-body treatment approach offers support for overall well-being. Next, many doctors are integrating holistic pain management techniques to reduce pain naturally. Moreover, these methods also increase muscle relaxation and lower anxiety. Furthermore, holistic pain management approaches place a strong emphasis on mental and emotional health. Consider these points to learn about why doctors are adopting holistic pain management NJ.

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