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5 Common Neurosurgical Pain Management NJ Treatments To Consider

There are several common neurosurgical pain management NJ treatments to consider. Typically, doctors offer neurosurgical procedures after non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy, acupuncture, and biofeedback. When these methods do not provide pain relief, neurosurgical procedures are a great option to treat chronic pain. For example, many neurosurgical physicians can treat spinal stenosis, disc herniation, and trigeminal neuralgia. As a patient dealing with chronic pain, you need to know the most common treatments neurosurgical doctors have to offer. This way, you can talk to your pain management physician or sports medicine Rutherford NJ doctor about your care options. Read on to learn about some of the most common neurosurgical pain management NJ treatments to consider.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

First, many of the best neurosurgical pain management NJ centers offer spinal cord stimulation. During this procedure, doctors insert catheter-like electrodes through a needle at the base of your spine. Typically, your physician administers an epidural for the procedure. This way, you can stay awake so they can modify the electrode position as needed. Usually, electrodes stay connected to an external stimulator for several days. If your pain decreases during this trial period, your doctor connects the electrode to a stimulator. Then, they implant the stimulator into your subcutaneous pocket. In the office, your doctor can program the stimulator to adjust voltage and pulse duration. Definitely, talk to your doctor about this neurosurgical pain management NJ treatment for back pain.

Baclofen Pump

Next, the baclofen pump is another one of the best neurosurgical pain management New Jersey treatments. Also called intrathecal baclofen therapy (ITB), the baclofen pump delivers medication directly to the spinal canal. Typically, doctors implant the pump near the abdomen. Then, they insert a small catheter into the spinal fluid space and tunnel it under the skin to the abdomen. Once it\’s connected, the pump continuously releases a controlled dose as specified by the physician. Usually, baclofen pumps aim are great for spasticity treatment New Jersey and dystonia caused by involuntary muscle contractions. Thus, it\’s a great treatment option for multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, or cerebral palsy. Absolutely, talk to your doctor about neurosurgical pain management NJ through the baclofen pump.

Deep Brain Stimulation

In addition, many top neurosurgical pain management doctors NJ can perform deep brain stimulation (DBS). For this surgical technique, your physician places a fine electrode into specific parts of the brain. Then, it can deliver electrical pulses to regions of the brain involved in processing your pain signals. According to recent studies, DBS is one of the most effective treatments for intractable back pain. Data shows that it can help nearly 80% of patients who use it. Plus, patients can usually cut their pain levels by 50%. Additionally, many Parkinson\’s disease patients can get pain relief through DBS as well. In short, deep brain stimulation is one of the best neurosurgical pain management NJ treatments to relieve chronic pain.

Selective Nerve Root Injection

Moreover, neurosurgical pain management doctors NJ also offer selective nerve root injection. During this procedure, your integrative medicine doctor NYC can use fluoroscopy or x-rays to locate your specific nerve root. Then, they insert a needle into the area to inject cortisone and anesthetic around the nerve root as it exits the spinal column. Usually, the injection takes about 3 to 7 days to relieve your pain. Then, you can get relief for up to several months. Often, doctors perform this procedure to diagnose an irritated nerve. Simultaneously, they can reduce inflammation from herniated discs and relieve sciatica pain. Undoubtedly, talk to your neurosurgical pain management specialists NJ about selective nerve root injection.


Furthermore, a laminectomy is another common neurosurgical pain management NJ procedure to consider. For this, your doctor removes all or part of the vertebral bone called the lamina. This works to ease pressure on the spinal cord caused by a herniated disc. Indeed, displaced or damaged discs can press on your spinal nerves. Over time, this can cause pain, weakness, or numbness. You may feel this where the nerve is involved. Or, the numbness may travel down the leg through the sciatic nerve. By removing the bone, you can relieve your pain and potentially stop the numbness. Certainly, talk with your neurosurgical pain management NJ doctors about laminectomy.

There are several common neurosurgical pain management NJ treatments to consider. First, many top doctors can perform spinal cord stimulation to reduce your pain. Next, a baclofen pump is another common treatment for spasticity management. In addition, deep brain stimulation is highly effective to reduce back pain and pain from Parkinson\’s disease. Moreover, selective nerve root injection can also reduce your chronic pain. Furthermore, talk to your doctor about laminectory for sciatica and herniated disc. Consider these points to learn about some of the most common neurosurgical pain management NJ treatments to consider.

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