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How Sports Medicine Rutherford NJ Helps Athletes Maintain Performance

There are several ways sports medicine Rutherford NJ helps athletes maintain performance. Undoubtedly, playing at top game demands a lot of energy, strong muscles, and intense joint movement. From time to time, even professional athletes can overexert or injure themselves without proper guidance. Fortunately, sports medicine doctors can help teen, collegiate, and professional athletes of all levels maintain their physical health. As an athlete yourself, you need to know how a sports medicine doctor near me can prevent and treat orthopedic injuries. This way, you can keep your strength and recover from injuries safely. Read on to learn about how sports medicine Rutherford NJ helps athletes maintain performance.

Offers Specialized Holistic Care

First, many sports medicine Rutherford NJ doctors offer specialized holistic care. For example, your sports medicine doctor can help you manage asthma, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses that impact your athletic performance. In addition, many sports medicine doctors also act as primary care physicians. Thus, they are trained to evaluate and diagnose different illnesses and conditions such as mononucleosis, concussions, and other head injuries. Many sports medicine doctors also provide guidance on nutrition, supplements, and exercise that can improve your gameplay. Of course, you can also ask about motion analysis to correct movement and prevent rotator cuff tear Jersey City NJ. Definitely, see a sports medicine specialist Rutherford New Jersey for their specialized holistic care.

Troubleshoots Low Performance

Next, your sports medicine doctor Rutherford NJ can also troubleshoot low performance. For example, you might suddenly become winded during a short run, or your usual swim might feel exhausting. Similarly, weight that you easily lifted a month ago might now seem very heavy. In these cases, a sports medicine doctor can use diagnostic tools, tests, and questions to determine the cause of your symptoms. Whether you have an underlying illness, infection, or nutritional deficiency, your doctor can provide you with a personalized care plan to get you back on-track. Plus, they can identify over training and injuries. Absolutely, consider sports medicine Rutherford NJ clinics to troubleshoot low performance.

Prevents Injuries

In addition, your sports medicine Rutherford NJ specialist can also work to prevent future injuries. For example, your doctor may recommend strengthening exercises and routines to increase your flexibility. Additionally, they can also offer specialized warm-up activities to prepare you for exertion. Similarly, they can provide you with cool down exercises to decrease your chance off injury. Notably, many sports medicine doctors now offer IV hydration therapy NJ to aid with athlete workout recovery. Indeed, this direct hydration works to prevent heat exhaustion and heatstroke. In short, see a sports medicine doctor Rutherford NJ to prevent future injuries.

Provides Cutting Edge Treatment

Moreover, sports medicine Rutherford NJ centers can also provide you with top off the line cutting edge treatment. For example, many doctors provide injectable medication such as corticosteroids and epidurals. Using ultrasound imaging, they can deliver these medications directly to the site of the injury. Then, you can find relief faster without dependence on oral medications. Many sports medicine doctors repair injured muscles, joints, and ligaments through minimally invasive surgeries as well. Alternatively, you can also try platelet rich plasma therapy to promote the healing process. Notably, this procedure uses a solution of your own blood to promote growth factor regeneration. Undoubtedly, consider sports medicine Rutherford NJ to get cutting edge treatment for chronic pain and injury.

Rehabilitates Injuries

Furthermore, your sports medicine specialist Rutherford New Jersey can also rehabilitate injuries. For example, they may recommend physical therapy to restore your strength and mobility. In addition, heat treatments, massage, and acupuncture can also work to reduce your pain levels. Depending on your care plan, your doctor may also recommend transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TENS) therapy. Typically, this involves low-voltage electric currents to provide pain relief at different points on your body. Indeed, this can treat osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and tendonitis. Certainly, talk to your sports medicine Rutherford NJ doctor or orthopedic knee pain specialist NJ about rehabilitation services.

There are several ways sports medicine Rutherford NJ helps athletes maintain performance. First, your sports medicine doctor can offer specialized, holistic care to treat your whole body. Next, your specialist can also troubleshoot for low athletic performance. In addition, sports medicine is also great for injury prevention. Moreover, you can also go to your sports medicine clinic to get cutting edge treatments. Furthermore, talk to your specialist about injury rehabilitation services to get back to 100 percent. Consider these points to leaarn about how sports medicine Rutherford NJ helps athletes maintain performance.

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