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What Does An Integrative Medicine Doctor In NYC Treat?

There are several conditions an integrative medicine doctor NYC treats. Typically, an integrative medicine provider works in partnership with their patients. Often, they take a broader view of their health history and emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, integrative medicine doctors usually combine alternative medicine Jersey City NJ  and traditional approaches to support the body\’s natural healing process. As a patient, you need to know what conditions an integrative medicine physician can treat. This way, you can access quality evidence-based care as you start to feel better. Read on to learn about what does an integrative medicine doctor NYC treat.

Chronic Pain

First, many integrative medicine doctors NYC can treat chronic pain. Typically, chronic pain typically lasts three months or more. You may experience it all the time, or it can come and go. Commonly, patients have chronic pain in their back, neck, and joints. You might also experience neurogenic pain from damaged nerves. To treat this, many integrative doctors recommend certain lifestyle changes such as light exercise and switching to an anti-inflammatory diet. Depending on your condition, your doctor may recommend physical therapy as well. If these methods are not providing the relief you need, your doctor may also offer TENS therapy to deliver small electrical impulses to the site of your pain. In short, ask your integrative medicine doctor NYC about their treatments for chronic pain.


Next, many integrative medicine providers NYC can also treat fibromyalgia. This is a chronic disorder that causes pain and tenderness throughout the body. Often, it can cause trouble sleeping as well. To treat fibromyalgia, many integrative physicians recommend low-impact cardio exercises and strength training. Some doctors also recommend biking, walking, and yoga. Notably, acupuncture can also work to manage your pain and reduce fatigue. Indeed, doctors can place thin needles in strategic places throughout your body. This can open your energy channels and release endorphins, the body\’s natural painkillers. Of course, you can also ask your doctor about osteopathic manipulation and nutritional changes. Definitely, talk to an integrative doctor New York City to treat fibromyalgia.

Multiple Sclerosis

In addition, many integrative medicine doctors NYC can treat multiple sclerosis. For example, many people with MS get regular massage therapy to support relaxation and rest. Simultaneously, massage can reduce stress and depression as well. Additionally, some best physicians in Jersey City recommend mind-body techniques such as meditation, yoga, and tai chi. Other treatments such as imagery and biofeedback therapy can help you focus on calming your mind and redirect racing thoughts. In some patients, this eases MS symptoms such as exhaustion, depression, and incontinence. Cooling therapy such as frozen gels and icy towels can also calm MS symptoms as well. Undoubtedly, ask your integrative doctor NYC what treatments they recommend for multiple sclerosis.


Moreover, many integrative medicine (IM) physicians NYC can also treat cancer patients. Typically, patients implement IM alongside standard care methods such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. For example, many integrative medicine doctors use acupuncture to ease pain, hot flashes, and nausea. In addition, some doctors use aromatherapy with their patients. Indeed, fragrant oils can relieve stress, nausea, and depression as well. Depending on the type of cancer you have, your doctor may recommend massage therapy to calm anxiety. Of course, you can also practice meditation to ease sleep problems, stress, and fatigue. Absolutely, talk to your doctor about integrative medicine treatments NYC for cancer.

Migraines & Headaches

Furthermore, integrative medicine doctors can also provide headache and migraine treatment in NYC. For example, some doctors may offer intravenous magnesium sulfate to prevent your body from releasing activating chemicals that cause migraines. In addition, some physicians recommend taking vitamin E for menstrual migraines. Of course, you should talk with your doctor about these treatments and how they might react with any current medications you\’re taking. In addition, ask your doctor about alternative therapies such as biofeedback. With this, you can see your vitals in real-time and learn how to stabilize them. Often, this allows patients to reduce the frequency and duration of migraine and tension-type headaches. Certainly, ask your integrative medicine doctor NYC about migraine and headache treatment.

There are several conditions an integrative medicine doctor NYC treats. First, many integrative doctors treat chronic pain. Next, doctors can also treat fibromyalgia. In addition, you can also treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Moreover, integrative medicine doctors can also treat cancer. Furthermore, you can also get relief from migraines and headaches. Consider these points to learn about what does an integrative medicine doctor NYC treat.

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