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Herniated Disc Doctor NJ For Pain Relief Treatments

Board-certified herniated disc doctors in NJ offer multiple safe and effective pain relief treatments. Herniated disc injuries commonly occur in the neck, mid-back, and lumbar. If not treated timely, a herniated disc may even result in chronic pain, weakness, and limited range of motion. Experienced herniated disc doctors treat the underlying symptoms with a series of non-invasive and surgical procedures. These medical treatments may help alleviate excessive pressure on the spine – allowing the muscles to relax. If you are living with a herniated disc yourself, contact natural pain management doctors in New Jersey to potentially relieve pain and achieve a better life. These specialists perform a comprehensive diagnosis with different physical and imaging tests to evaluate possible treatments. Read on to learn about different pain relief treatments from herniated disc doctors in NJ.

Epidural Injections

Herniated disc doctors in Jersey City provide effective pain relief with epidural injections. These steroid injections infuse the damaged nerve roots with corticosteroids and cortisone hormones. Your physician will perform an image-guided procedure to target the nerve tissues. These steroid injections may help reduce underlying inflammation, swelling, and back pain. After the procedure is completed, you may also experience an improved range of motion. Based on the extent of pain, your pain management specialist may prescribe up to three consecutive injections to witness the desired results. Definitely, contact herniated disc doctors in NJ for epidural injections to relieve pain.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation is another safe pain-relief treatment from top-rated herniated-disc doctors in NJ. When prescribed medication does not work, spinal cord stimulation might be a reliable solution to alleviate pain. During the procedure, physicians insert a pulse generator or electrode into your body to target the spine with minimal electric signals. The low-voltage electric current may help block pain signals – potentially resulting in improved spinal functionality, sleep quality, and overall mobility. Your physician may also apply local Anasthesia across the target area to reduce discomfort. If you experience pain relief, the doctor may also suggest inserting a permanent rechargeable pulse generator. This minimally invasive procedure may take up to a few hours. Indeed, get in touch with a herniated disc doctor in New Jersey for spinal cord stimulation to treat pain.

Physical Therapy

The best herniated disc doctors in NJ also recommend physical therapy for pain relief. The therapeutic intervention starts with a comprehensive diagnosis to evaluate symptoms and pain levels. Board-certified physical therapists structure personalized sessions that may include strength training routines, joint mobilization activities, and postural alignment exercises. For improved pain relief, your physician may also combine physical therapy with electrical muscle stimulation, stretching, and massage. These interventional physical therapy programs in NJ may help improve blood circulation, increase joint flexibility, and reduce inflammation. In fact, you may also experience improved spinal stability and strength after regular physical therapy sessions. Indeed, physical therapy is a safe pain relief treatment from a herniated disc doctor in Jersey City.

Spinal Laminotomy

Board-certified herniated disc doctors also prescribe spinal laminotomy for pain relief. The procedure is ideal for patients dealing with cervical herniation. Additionally, your doctor may prescribe laminotomy to treat bone spurs caused by disc herniation. During the treatment, pain management specialists remove the small bones (laminas) from damaged vertebrae. These medical specialists deploy advanced technologies and equipment to remove the lamina safely. This helps remove excess pressure from your spinal cord – potentially providing relief from chronic pain. Definitely, contact a herniated disc doctor in NJ for spinal laminotomy to provide effective pain relief.

Lumbar Microdiscectomy

Consult top herniated disc doctors in NJ for lumbar microdiscectomy to relieve pain. In case minimally invasive procedures do not work, your doctor may recommend a surgical intervention. Doctors make smaller incisions in the lower back to access the herniated disc and nearby vertebrae. For better precision, these physicians use specialized imaging equipment such as magnifying endoscopes. The entire herniated disc is removed to alleviate symptoms and reduce spinal nerve irritation. After surgery, you may need to stay at the hospital for a few hours. In most cases, patients may get back to work within a few weeks of the surgery. Indeed, lumbar microdiscectomy is an effective pain management procedure from the best herniated disc doctor in NJ.

Top herniated doctors in NJ provide effective pain relief through multiple treatments. First, these specialists prescribe epidural injection NJ to infuse damaged nerve roots with necessary hormones. To increase spinal functionality and mobility, you may benefit from spinal cord stimulation. Many experienced pain management specialists recommend physical therapy as an effective alternative to surgical intervention. However, when these procedures do not work, pain management doctors may prescribe a few surgical procedures – including spinal laminotomy and microdiscectomy. Follow the points above to learn how a herniated disc doctor in NJ treats pain.

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