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How Natural Pain Management Doctors New Jersey Treat Patients

There are several ways natural pain management doctors New Jersey treat patients. Notably, naturopathic doctors use alternative pain management techniques to stimulate the body\’s self-healing mechanisms. In addition, they often use natural substances to restore and regenerate health. For many patients this is highly effective to treat chronic pain, injuries, and other illnesses. As a patients dealing with a chronic condition, you need to know how naturopathic doctors can reduce your pain. This way, you can relieve your symptoms and get back to the activities you enjoy. Read on to learn about how natural pain management doctors in Paramus, New Jersey treat patients.

Bioelectric Therapy

First, many natural pain management doctors New Jersey to treat chronic pain. For this therapy, your doctor attaches small leads to different points on your body. Then, the leads carry a gentle electric current to precise locations on your nerves. Notably, can prompt the body to produce endorphins. These can decrease or eliminate painful sensations by blocking the pain message from being delivered to the brain. Doctors use bioelectric therapy to treat many chronic and acute conditions causing pain. For example, many doctors recommend it for back pain, muscle pain, and migraines. In addition, it can treat arthritis, TMJ disorder, and diabetic neuropathy. Definitely, ask your natural pain management New Jersey about bioelectric therapy to treat chronic pain.

TENS Therapy 

Next, your natural pain management physician New Jersey may recommend transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). For this treatment, your doctor may give you a battery-powered TENS device. Usually, it\’s about the size of a small cell phone and comes with several sets of electrode wires. Then, your doctor can connect the electrode pads to different nerve pathways on your skin. Depending on your pain, they can adjust the electrical pulses to different intensity, frequency, and duration. Since this is a non-invasive method for pain relief, there are relatively few side effects and risks involved. Thus, many doctors use it to treat osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and tendinitis. In short, ask your natural pain management doctor NJ about TENS therapy to treat your chronic pain.

Massage Therapy

In addition, some natural pain doctors New Jersey offer massage therapy to treat chronic pain. Notably, massage can increase your blood flow to improve your body\’s functioning. Over time, this can support immune system health. Additionally, massage therapy is great to release tension in the muscles and increase relaxation. With fewer tense muscles, you can increase your range of motion and get back to your regular activity level. Plus, massage can also reduce your cortisol levels. This is highly effective to regulate your stress. Some patients also experience higher dopamine and serotonin levels from massage therapy as well. When these two chemicals are released, this can stabilize your mood and restore a positive mindset. Absolutely, ask your natural pain management doctor NJ about massage therapy for chronic pain management in Bergen County.


Moreover, many naturopathic doctors New Jersey recommend acupuncture to treat chronic pain. For this, they inject small needles into specific points on your body, depending on your site of pain. According to studies, this alternative therapy can improve knee and hip arthritis. Some patients can also relieve neck pain as well. If you have sciatica-related back pain, acupuncture may reduce your nerve pain as well. Notably, some patients have also found success using acupuncture to treat tempromandibular joint disorders or TMJ. When looking for an acupuncturist, ask in advance about their experience and training. Indeed, many states require these medical professionals to pass examinations to practice. Undoubtedly, talk to your natural pain management doctor NJ about getting acupuncture treatment.

Natural Supplements

Furthermore, many natural pain management doctors New Jersey recommend supplements to reduce chronic pain. For example, your healthcare provider may recommend taking Omega-3s or fish oil pills for their anti-inflammatory properties. One study found that these can be nearly as effective as ibuprofen to reduce arthritic pain. Plus, they may be a safer alternative to NSAIDs for some patients as well. In addition, some doctors recommend taking curcumin, which is the active compound in tumeric. With powerful anti-inflammatory properties, this can reduce effects from rheumatoid arthritis, neurogenerative, and pulmonary diseases. Certainly, ask your natural pain doctor about supplements to relieve your chronic pain and inflammation.

There are several ways doctors at natural pain management clinics New Jersey treat patients. First, many physicians recommend bioelectric therapy for chronic muscle pain. Next, you can also try TENS therapy if you\’re looking for a non-invasive approach to pain relief. In addition, ask about massage therapy to release muscle tension. Moreover, some naturopathic doctors also recommend acupuncture. Furthermore, ask about natural supplements to reduce pain and inflammation. Consider these points to learn about how natural pain management doctors New Jersey treat patients.

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