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What Conditions Can An Orthopedic Spine Doctor Englewood NJ Treat?

There are several conditions an orthopedic spine doctor in Englewood NJ can treat. According to recent studies, nearly 60 million people in the United States experience back pain every year at one point or another. For many patients, pain can get so debilitating they end up missing work, along with sleep and leisure activities. If you’re experiencing chronic back pain or recently suffered a back injury, you need to know how the top specialists provide care for spine stabilization in NJ. This way, you can find relief, improve your mobility, and get back to the activities you enjoy. Read on to learn about what conditions an orthopedic spine doctor in Englewood NJ can treat.

Herniated Discs

First, many of the best spine specialists Englewood NJ treat herniated discs. Also referred to as bulged, slipped, or ruptured discs – a herniated disc occurs when part of the disc is forced through a weakened part of the spine. Often, this leads to sharp pain in the lower back or legs. In severe cases, it can also lead to numbness and loss of bladder control. To treat herniated discs, your spine stabilization NJ doctor may offer non-steroid medications or an epidural injection for temporary relief. Depending on the severity, they may also recommend minimally invasive spine surgery. In short, schedule an appointment with an orthopedic spine doctor Englewood NJ for herniated disc treatment.


Next, many top orthopedic spine doctors in Englewood New Jersey can also treat sciatica. One of the most common symptoms of sciatica is pain, numbness, or tingling that radiates from your back down the back of your leg. To diagnose sciatica, your spine specialist pays to perform flexibility tests, along with a spine x-ray or MRI. From there, they may start you with more conservative treatments like physical therapy, ice/heat therapy, or a corticosteroid injection. Some herniated disc doctor NJ might also prescribe an anti-seizure medication to help with the nerve pain. Of course, spine surgeons can also do minimally invasive procedures like a diskectomy. This removes the part of your disc that’s pressing on the nerve. Definitely, talk with your spine doctor Englewood NJ about sciatica treatment options.

Spinal Stenosis

In addition, many spine specialists Englewood NJ can also treat spinal stenosis. Typically, this occurs when the space inside the vertebrae is too small, putting pressure on the spinal cord or nerves. Depending on what part of your spine is affected, you may experience lower back pain, leg cramps, or numbness. To treat stenosis, your spinal decompression NJ doctor may recommend physical therapy to start building your strength and improve your balance. Additionally, some surgeons recommend a laminoplasty. Usually, done on the bones in the neck, this makes the space in the spinal canal bigger to open up that section of the spine. Undoubtedly, see a spine specialist Englewood New Jersey for spinal stenosis treatment.


Moreover, the best orthopedic spine doctors Englewood NJ can also treat scoliosis in kids and adults. With this condition, the spine curves to the side in an S or C shape – affecting the organs over time. In severe cases, your spine doctor may recommend minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery to straighten the spine. In this procedure, the surgeon makes several tiny incisions along the back. Then, they can use a device called a tubular retractor to attach rods and screws to fuse the spine straight. Of course, your surgeon also uses a specialized microscope and X-ray imaging to track the surgery in real-time. Absolutely, talk to your scoliosis doctor Englewood NJ about minimally invasive surgery options.

Spinal Arthritis

Furthermore, many orthopedic spine doctors Englewood NJ can also treat spinal arthritis. This can occur when the cartilage that lines the joints and discs breaks down over time. In many patients, this breakdown can lead to stiffness, pain, and weakness as you get older. To treat spinal arthritis, many doctors recommend massage therapy to alleviate muscle and joint tension. Some spine specialists may also recommend acupuncture to stimulate energy flow and the body’s natural healing process. Of course, epidural injections can also deliver anti-inflammatory medication directly to the affected area. Certainly, talk with your back doctor Englewood NJ for spinal arthritis treatment.

There are several conditions an orthopedic spine doctor Englewood NJ can treat. First, many spine doctors can treat herniated discs with medications, injections, or minimally invasive surgery. When a herniation leads to sciatica, your doctor can perform a diskectomy to remove the part of the disc that’s compressing your nerve. Of course, the top specialists can also treat conditions like spinal stenosis and scoliosis with spinal decompression in NJ. Talk with your doctor about spinal arthritis treatments as you age as well. Consider these points to learn about what conditions an orthopedic spine doctor Englewood NJ can treat.

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