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5 Treatments The Best PM&R Physicians Jersey City NJ Have To Offer

There are several treatments the best physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) physicians Jersey City NJ have to offer. Also known as a physiatrist, PM&R specialists are doctors who have completed medical school with additional residency training. Typically, they can treat a wide range of physical conditions that affect the brain, nervous system, and spinal cord. In addition, they can also treat musculoskeletal conditions that impact the joints, ligaments, and tendons. As a patient dealing with pain or injury, you need to know what treatments a PM&R center provides. This way, you can improve your overall quality of live. Read on to learn about what different treatments the best PM&R physicians Jersey City NJ have to offer.

EMG/Nerve Conduction Studies

First, many PM&R physicians Jersey City NJ can perform electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies. Typically, an EMG test looks at the electrical signals your muscles make when they are at rest vs. when you\’re using them. Then, the nerve conduction study can assess how fast your body\’s electrical signals travel down your nerves. Usually, PM&R doctors use nerve testing Jersey City NJ to diagnose different muscle and nerve disorders. For example, your physician may use it to check for carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated discs, or muscular dystrophy. If you\’re experiencing muscle weakness, tingling, cramps, or paralysis, talk to your doctor about getting an EMG and nerve conduction study. Definitely, EMG/nerve conduction is a highly effective, low risk diagnostic to get from your PM&R physicians Jersey City.

Nerve Stimulation Therapy

Next, talk with your PM&R doctor Jersey City NJ about getting nerve stimulation therapy. For example, many specialists offer transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS therapy. Typically, your TENS machine connects to a series of electrodes on your skin. Then, it can deliver a low-voltage electrical charge. These pulses stimulate nerve fibers in the area you have pain. Usually, this causes your body to release natural pain-reducing hormones. For many patients, this can relieve pain after heart, chest, or orthopedic surgery. In addition, it can reduce pain from arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, or spinal cord injury. Absolutely, visit a PM&R physician Jersey City New Jersey to get nerve stimulation therapy.

Spasticity Management

In addition, many PM&R centers Jersey City NJ offer spasticity treatment New Jersey. Importantly, spasticity disrupts muscle movement patterns, causing them to contract all at once. Often, this causes involuntary movement, severe stiffness, and pain. Many physiatrists treat spasticity using oral antispasticity agents, Botox injections, and neurosurgery. In severe cases, your physical medicine doctor may offer intrathecal baclofen therapy (ITB) to improve function and decrease pain. Here, a programmable pump and catheter delivers Baclofen directly to your spinal cord. With this direct administration, you typically take less medication than oral methods. Plus, you can experience fewer side effects. In short, talk with your PM&R physicians Jersey City NJ about different treatment options for spasticity management.

Injections For Pain Management

Moreover, many PM&R physicians Jersey City New Jersey also offer injections for pain management. For example, some providers may offer an epidural steroid injection (ESI) for back pain. Like SI joint injections, this delivers corticosteroid and numbing medication directly into the site of your pain. Alternatively, your doctor may use a facet joint injection to determine which joint is causing your neck or back pain. You can also get a nerve block injection to get anesthetic delivered at a pain receptor. If this works to reduce your pain, your doctor may recommend a radiofrequency ablation to burn the sensory nerves surrounding a painful joint. Often, this can prvent pain signals from reaching your pain for 6 months to 2 years. In short, ask your PM&R doctor Jersey City NJ about pain management injections.


Furthermore, talk with your PM&R provider Jersey City about getting prolotherapy. During this procedure, your physician repeatedly injects an irritant solution into part of your joint. For example, they may inject it into the interior, supporting tendon, or ligament. Typically, the irritant is a sugar solution designed to trigger growth in your joint\’s connective tissue. When combined with other therapies such as spinal manipulation, back exercises, or PT, prolotherapy can significantly reduce pain levels. Certainly, talk with your PM&R doctor Jersey City NJ about prolotherapy for chronic pain.

There are several treatments the best PM&R physicians Jersey City NJ have to offer. First, talk to your doctor about EMG and nerve conduction studies to diagnose musculoskeletal conditions. Next, nerve stimulation therapy works great to reduce pain from arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, or spinal cord injury. In addition, talk with your doctor about spasticity management if you have severe stiffness or pain. Moreover, injections for pain management such as epidural injection NJ are a great minimally invasive procedure to get medication directly at your pain site. Furthermore, prolotherapy is an effective complimentary therapy to do with rehabilitation such as physical therapy. Consider these points to learn about some of the different treatments the best PM&R physicians Jersey City NJ have to offer.

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