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Osteopathic Doctor NJ vs. MD: How To Choose The Right Physician

There are several steps to choose between an osteopathic doctor NJ vs. an MD to find the right physician. According to recent data, nearly 25 million Americans prefer seeing osteopathic physicians (DOs) over allopathic physicians (MDs). Indeed, many patients prefer how DOs focus on the whole body, rather than just one symptom. As someone looking for a new doctor, you need to know the key differences between an osteopathic and allopathic doctor. This way, you can find a physician who\’s specialized to treat your condition. Read on to learn about an osteopath doctor NJ vs. MD and how to choose the right physician.

Consider The DO Philosophy

First, you should consider the DO philosophy when choosing between an osteopathic doctor NJ and an MD. Typically, osteopathic physicians emphasize that the whole person is greater than the sum of their parts. Thus, they strive to treat patients holistically, rather than just on a single injury or illness basis. In addition, many osteopathic treatments are preventative. Accordingly, many DOs practice as a primary care physician in family medicine, pediatrics, or internal medicine. Of course, some DOs also go into specialties such as orthopedics or sports medicine. In short, consider the DO philosophy as you choose your allopathic or osteopathic doctor NJ.

Assess Osteopathic Medical Education

Next, assess your osteopathic doctor NJ medical education before you choose between a DO vs. an MD. Typically, DOs and MDs receive much of the same training to treat different medical conditions. Indeed, they usually go through four years of medical school after earning their bachelor\’s degree. In addition, most physicians attend a residency program for one to seven years after they graduate from medical school. Here, they can specialize in an area of care such as orthopedics to provide pain management Paramus NJ. Usually, DOs must complete an additional 200 hours of coursework to gain extra training on bones, muscles, and nerves. Undoubtedly, assess your osteopathic doctor NJ medical education to choose between an MD and DO.

Know What A DO Treats

In addition, the best doctor of osteopathic medicine NJ can often treat specialized conditions. For example, many osteopathic physicians treat arthritis and chronic pain. Additionally, they can treat chronic foot, ankle, and knee pain as well. Of course, many top physicians can also treat back pain and neck pain. They can also conduct tests to determine if you have sciatica, herniated discs, or scoliosis. If your pain is caused by an overuse injury, many DOs can also treat tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and torn rotator cuffs. Since DOs are trained in the latest alternative therapies, they can also treat migraines, digestive issues, and diabetic neuropathy. Definitely, know what an osteopathic physician NJ treats before choosing your doctor.

Browse Different Services

Moreover, check what different services your osteopathic doctor New Jersey offers before choosing between a DO and MD. For example, many DOs offer osteopathic manipulation treatment (OMT). Notably, this hands-on treatment method can treat mechanical pain from muscle, tendon, and bone imbalances. During OMT, your doctor can apply gentle pressure and manipulation to stretch your muscles and move your joints into proper alignment. On the other hand, many DOs also offer physical therapy, acupuncture, and TENS therapy. You can also see TenJet procedure FAQs as you choose a physician. Depending on your condition, you may also get PRP or corticosteroid injections to relieve your pain. Certainly, check out your osteopathic doctor NJ services as you choose a physician.

Check Your DO\’s Qualifications

Furthermore, check your DO\’s qualifications before choosing an osteopathic doctor NJ vs. MD. Indeed, most osteopathic physicians must graduate from an accredited osteopathic medical school in the United States. In addition, they need to obtain their license to practice medicine in whichever state they are providing services. Of course, some of the top DOs are members of the American Osteopathic College of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In the NY/NJ area, many are also members of the New York Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. Absolutely, check your osteopathic doctor NJ qualifications to choose a reliable physician.

There are several steps to choose between an osteopathic doctor NJ vs. an MD to find the right physician. First, consider the DO philosophy if you want holistic treatment. Next, assess osteopathic doctor medical education. In addition, know what conditions a DO treats such as at a back and neck pain relief center NJ. Moreover, browse different services your DO or MD offers to access alternative therapies. Furthermore, check your osteopathic physician qualifications. Follow these steps to learn about an osteopathic doctor NJ vs. MD and how to choose the right physician.

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