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5 Therapies Chronic Pain Management Paramus NJ Clinics Offer For Relief

There are several therapies chronic pain management Paramus NJ clinics offer for relief. Importantly, chronic pain is ongoing, often lasting longer than six months. Usually, this type of pain can continue after an injury has healed. In addition, some people suffer chronic pain when there is no past injury or apparent body damage causing the pain initially. For many patients, chronic pain can lead to physical conditions such as tense muscles, limited mobility, and a lack of energy. It can also impact people\’s emotional states as well. As an individual suffering from chronic pain, you need to know what therapies are available at your local pain management center. This way, you can work with a specialist to find the care you need. Read on to discover the best therapies chronic pain management Paramus NJ clinics offer for pain relief.

Physical Therapy

First, many chronic pain management Paramus NJ clinics offer physical therapy to promote healing for patients. Notably, physical therapists can offer a wide array of treatment options for children, adults, and senior citizen rehabilitation. For example, pain management specialists may teach you strengthening and flexibility exercises. Often, these can improve your mobility, allowing you to move more efficiently with less discomfort. In addition, the doctor may use manual therapy to manipulate tight joint structures and soft tissues. With repeated visits, this can work to increase your range of motion and heal your body tissues. Typically, physical therapists and sports doctors for runners in New Jersey design an individualized program to meet patients\’ needs. This way, you can access the most effective care possible.  Definitely, physical therapy is a great treatment option for chronic pain management Paramus NJ.

Massage Therapy

Next, the best pain management centers Paramus NJ also offer massage therapy. Importantly, a massage can impact how your tissues and cells operate on a molecular level. Indeed, the motion that your massage therapist applies can trigger a series of reactions that dampen pain signals sent by inflammatory proteins. Additionally, massages can also enhance mitochondrial production, which can speed up your recovery process. Since massages involve human touch, many patients find this treatment soothing for the body. Often, it can boost confidence and improve mood as well. This works to alleviate cases for chronic pain. Absolutely, massage therapy is a great service pain management clinics in Paramus NJ provide to promote relief.


In addition, chronic pain management specialists Paramus NJ also offer acupuncture to improve patients\’ condition. During acupuncture treatments, a practitioner applies thin needles, heat, and pressure to specific points on the body. According to recent studies, acupuncture works particularly well to reduce chronic pain levels for patients. For example, this therapeutic treatment and reduce the frequency and severity of tension headaches. It can also work alleviate back pain, neck pain, and osteoarthritis pain as well. Recently, pain management doctors are also using acupuncture to treat fatigue, nausea, and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. For many patients, this can increase comfort levels after cancer treatments. You can also get an epidural injection NJ to relieve back pain as well. Certainly, ask your chronic pain management doctor Paramus NJ about acupuncture treatment to find relief.

TENS Therapy

Moreover, many chronic pain management center also offer transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy. Typically, doctors attach electrode pads directly onto your skin. Then, they switch the TENS machine on to deliver small electrical impulses to certain areas of your body. Often, these electrical impulses can reduce the number of pain signals going to the spinal cord and brain. This works to relive pain and relax your muscles. In addition, TENS can also enhance endorphin production. Since these are the body\’s natural painkillers, this works to reduce pain further. Many pain management specialists use TENS therapy to relieve pain from arthritis, sports injuries, and endometriosis. In short, ask your local pain management Paramus NJ clinic if they offer TENS therapy to reduce your pain levels.

Biofeedback Therapy

Furthermore, top chronic pain management centers Paramus NJ also offer biofeedback therapy. During biofeedback therapy, your pain management specialist connects you to electrical sensors that receive information about your body. Typically, these sensors plug into a computer. Then, doctors use a program that evaluates your body\’s brain waves, breathing, or heart rate. Using computer graphics and prompts, interactive computer programs can provide recommendations to pace your breathing and relax your muscles. When you\’re experiencing stress, these devices can induce calm feelings that promote your overall well-being. Of course, pain management doctors can provide guidance during your biofeedback therapy sessions as well. A medical marijuana doctor NJ and also work with you to manage your chronic pain. Ask your pain management doctor Paramus NJ about biofeedback therapy to reduce pain.

There are several therapies chronic pain management Paramus NJ clinics offer for relief. First, many pain management clinics offer physical therapy to improve mobility. Next, ask about massage therapy to promote relaxation and reduce pain. In addition, acupuncture is a great pain management technique as well. Moreover, TENS therapy can work for patients suffering from arthritis and sports injuries. Furthermore, biofeedback therapy can work to control the body\’s response to stressors. Consider these points to learn about the best therapies chronic pain management Paramus NJ clinics offer for pain relief.

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