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Surgeries From An Orthopedist In Jersey City NJ That Promote Pain Relief

There are several safe and effective pain relief surgeries available from Jersey City orthopedists. Advanced orthopedic procedures target disorders in the body’s musculoskeletal system – including the muscles, joints, bones, and tendons. Receiving surgery can accelerate the patient’s healing and recovery timeline significantly. If you are suffering debilitating orthopedic conditions – and have had limited success with non-invasive methods like physical therapy in Jersey City – these procedures could potentially help. Keep reading for a comprehensive list of pain relief surgeries from orthopedists in Jersey City NJ.

Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy

For patients experiencing severe back pain, learn about endoscopic discectomy procedures from an orthopedist doctor in Jersey City NJ. These minimally invasive, same-day surgeries come with smaller incisions and faster recovery timelines. Your orthopedic surgeon may suggest this procedure to remove herniated discs – which could be pressing on a nerve. During surgery, doctors use computer-guided technology and grasper devices to carefully remove the pain-triggering materials. Absolutely, the best orthopedists in Jersey City NJ specialize in endoscopic discectomy procedures.

Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement is an effective, state-of-the-art surgical intervention from orthopedists in Jersey City NJ. Total replacement surgery may be required to restore mobility and alleviate pain in the knees – commonly associated with normal wear-and-tear as we age. Of course, these procedures may additionally be recommended for patients with osteoarthritis, fractures, and congenial deformities. During surgery, your orthopedic doctor in Jersey City will remove the impacted cartilage, as well as the damaged bone from the knee. Then, it can be replaced with an artificial joint made with top-quality alloys and plastics – also known as a prosthesis. Certainly, total knee replacement is an innovative surgical approach from orthopedists in New Jersey.

Spinal Fusion Surgery

Meet with a Jersey City NJ orthopedist that specializes in pain-relieving spinal fusion surgeries. These interventions are designed to combined – or fuse – multiple vertebrae in the body’s spine. This artificial fusion process resembles how we naturally heal and recover from broken bones. In the procedure, your physician will use metal screws, rods, or bone grafts to join the impacted vertebrae together. Overall, this procedure aims to reduce painful vertebrae movements, so you feel as if you have one solid bone. Indeed, you can receive targeted spinal fusion surgery from a top-rated orthopedist in Jersey City NJ.

Arthroscopic Surgery

The best orthopedists in Jersey City NJ offer arthroscopic surgeries to promote pain relief. Minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery in Jersey City is used to carefully identify, diagnose, and treat painful joint conditions. Orthopedic surgeons use state-of-the-art devices and equipment to pinpoint the origin of pain – then recommend the needed repairs. During the procedure, your surgeon will use a video-powered scope to view the cartilage, tendons, muscles, and bones. Your doctor may recommend arthroscopy surgery for ligament reconstruction, carpal tunnel release, rotator cuff repair, or loose bone removal. Surely, an orthopedist in NJ can help patients achieve pain relief with arthroscopic surgery.

Cervical Disc Replacement

Cervical disc replacement remains one of the most innovative, effective, and successful procedures from orthopedists in Jersey City NJ. These interventions address neck pain associated with bone spurs, herniated discs, and failed surgical results. Replacement surgery uses artificial disc to preserve function and restore mobility in the spine. In treatment, your doctor will use fluoroscopic technology to accurately visualize, then view the damaged disc. Definitely, speak with an orthopedist in New Jersey about the risks and benefits of cervical disc replacement.

There are several effective surgeries available from a top-rated orthopedist in Jersey City NJ. Many orthopedic specialists offer endoscopic lumbar discectomy to address debilitating pain stemming from the lower back. For severe damage in the joints and knees, total replacement surgery may also be an option. Spinal fusion is another prominent intervention that targets pain in inflicted vertebrae. Or, learn about arthroscopic surgeries that correct disorders in the muscles, tendons, bones, and cartilage. And for pain in the neck, learn about the risks and benefits of cervical disc replacement. Follow the points above to learn about the best surgeries from an orthopedist in Jersey City NJ.

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