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What To Know About Kyphoplasty Surgery Procedures In NJ

There is a lot of essential information for patients to know about kyphoplasty surgical procedures in New Jersey. Kyphoplasty procedures are routinely used to treat painful, vertebral compression fractures (VCF) – which are usually caused from osteoporosis. If left untreated, these conditions can lead to kyphosis, also known as a humped spine. With minimally invasive spine surgery Jersey City (MISS), patients can accelerate recovery and reduce future fracture risks. If you are in recovery from a spine fracture, these treatments can even potentially restore physical independence, improve your mobility, and improve lung capacity. To get started now, read on to learn what to know about kyphoplasty surgery procedures in NJ.

How Kyphoplasty Surgery Works

Before you schedule minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS), you should know how NJ kyphoplasty procedures work. During kyphoplasty surgery, a minor incision is made in your spine. Then, a small, narrow tube can be inserted using fluoroscopic technology. This tube will create a direct path through the fractured region. After this, your doctor will use X-ray imaging to place a special medical balloon into the tube. This medical device can be carefully elevated – gradually restoring the fracture. Once inflated, these devices create an inter-vertebrae cavity by compacting soft bone material. Now, the balloon can be removed. The procedure will conclude by filling the cavity with a bone cement agent, which will stabilize the fractured area. Certainly, patients must clearly understand how kyphoplasty surgery procedures NJ work.

Who Performs Kyphoplasty Procedures

In addition, you should know what kind of New Jersey back doctors are qualified to administer kyphoplasty spine surgery. The procedures are typically performed by interventional spine experts. It helps if these practitioners are qualified in osteoporosis treatments and other spine injuries. Doctors often administer these procedures at local image-guided surgical centers. These facilities have all the fluoroscopic technology and X-Ray imaging devices needed for safe surgery. Indeed, patients must know what doctors are qualified to perform kyphoplasty minimally invasive spine surgery in NJ.

Procedure Duration

To gain better treatment insights, you should also learn the approximate duration of balloon kyphoplasty surgery NJ. Since kyphoplasty is classified as minimally invasive surgery, it can usually be performed at outpatient surgical centers or ambulatory spine medical suites. This is known to significantly speed up the process – especially compared to inpatient hospital settings. Because of this, many patients can be discharged the same day of treatment. In regards to treatment itself, it takes about 40 minutes per spinal level treated. Definitely, learn the average procedure duration associated with kyphoplasty surgery NJ.

Post-Surgical Recovery And Patient Outlook

Many patients are also concerned by the post-treatment recovery of kyphoplasty surgery NJ. These procedures typically offer pain relief and better mobility 48 hours after treatment. Some patients even reported decreased pain immediately after treatment. While some level of pain relief may be instantaneous, it will take about four to six weeks for complete recovery. Most patients, however, return to low-intensity work even sooner. According to medical research, three-quarters of patients are active again after these surgeries. Of course, this page is not intended to provide direct medical advice. Be sure to consult with your doctor for their medical expertise and opinions. Surely, learn the post-surgical recovery timeline and patient outlook for kyphoplasty NJ.

Advantages Of Kyphoplasty Surgery

Patients also must understand the potential advantages and positive impacts of kyphoplasty procedures NJ. Kyphoplasty has proven effective in restoring vertebral body height and correcting spine deformity. These procedures also improve mobility, quality of live, and activities of daily living (ADLs) participation. It can reduce instances of pain during daily work, hobbies, or casual walking. There is additionally a high safety profile attached to kyphoplasty. This means there is a low complication rate and minimal adverse events. Absolutely, patients should know all the positive advantages for kyphoplasty surgery in NJ.

There is a lot of important patient information to know about kyphoplasty surgery procedures in New Jersey. Today, these are one of the most popular osteoporosis spine fracture treatments in NJ. First and foremost, you need to clearly understand how these surgical procedures work. In addition, you should understand what doctors are qualified to administer MISS treatments. Many patients are further concerned about how long the actual procedure takes. You should also know what the average recovery timeline and patient outlook is for these procedures. Follow the points highlighted above to learn what to know about kyphoplasty surgery procedures in NJ.

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