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Getting An Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty NJ For Weight Loss

There are several points to consider when getting an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty NJ for weight loss. An endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty or ESG is a minimally invasive weight loss surgery that decreases the stomach size by about 70%. In addition, the ESG procedure reshapes the stomach to empty into the intestines at a slower rate. For many patients, this allows them to feel full longer and lose weight over time. As a patient interested in the ESG procedure, consult a medical weight loss doctor Bergen County NJ to know what to expect before and after the operation. This way, you can work with your weight loss doctor to determine if this is a good option for you. Read on to learn about getting an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty for weight loss in NJ.

Qualifying For The Endoscopic Sleeve

First, candidates for endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty in New Jersey need to meet certain requirements. For example, some physicians stipulate you to have a BMI over 30 or 40 to qualify for the procedure. In addition, you need to have attempted weight loss through diet and exercise first without success. Many doctors also require patients to participate in a medical program as well. Indeed, the ESG can often reduce your risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Therefore, doctors often look to ensure you’re willing to participate in therapy, exercise, and dietary changes. You may also qualify for an ESG if you’re looking for an alternative to the more invasive bariatric surgery. Certainly, talk with your weight loss doctor to see if you qualify for endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty in NJ.

Preparing For The ESG Procedure

Once you meet your doctor’s qualifications, you can start preparing for your ESG weight loss procedure NJ. Under your physician’s guidance, you should obtain a physical exam, bloodwork, and electrocardiogram (ECG) to ensure you’re healthy enough to undergo general anaesthesia. In addition, your doctor will provide instructions for the days leading up to the procedure. You may need to stop taking certain medications ahead of time. Additionally, some doctors ask that you follow a clear liquid diet the day before the operation. Since most ESGs are outpatient procedures, you should also arrange a ride to and from your surgical centre. In short, follow your doctor’s recommendations to prepare for your endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty NJ.

What To Expect During The ESG

In addition, know what to expect during the endoscopic sleeve for weight loss NJ before you undergo surgery. Since this surgery requires general anesthesia, patients are typically asleep for the majority of the procedure. Once you’re under, the non-surgical weight loss doctor NJ can insert an endoscope down your throat. With this flexible tube and camera, the surgeon can make sutures to change your stomach’s structure. Usually, this leaves the stomach more tube-shaped to limit the amount of food it can hold. Most endoscopic sleeves take about 1 to 2.5 hours. Since there are no external incisions to heal, patients can typically return home on the same day of the procedure. Absolutely, know what to expect during your endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty NJ before undergoing the procedure.

Recovering From ESG

Moreover, follow your doctor’s care instructions as you recover from your endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty procedure NJ. Indeed, you may be on a liquid diet for a few days to a week before gradually shifting to soft foods. Your doctor may have a long-term dietary plan for you to follow as well. Ideally, you should avoid strenuous activity for several weeks after the surgery. Your doctor may also advise you to take certain medications for pain and acid reflux. Of course, you want to stay well-hydrated after the procedure and look out for complications like persistent pain and fever. Definitely, monitor your recovery closely after your ESG weight loss surgery NJ and contact your doctor if you experience unusual symptoms.

Weight Loss After ESG

Furthermore, know what to expect for weight loss after your endoscopic sleeve in New Jersey. According to recent studies, patients can lose up to 50% of their excess weight one year after the ESG. In some cases, patients are down over 30% after just two months. Some patients also show high success in reducing their BMI and waist circumference. Indeed, some patients have decreased their BMI from about 40 to 30 in just 12 months. Of course, weight loss success usually depends on the patient’s commitment to a diet and exercise plan. Still, many patients improve from obesity-related health conditions like diabetes, joint pain, and heart disease. Undoubtedly, talk to your doctor about weight loss after your endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty in NJ.

There are several points to consider when getting an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty NJ for weight loss. First, know what requirements you need to meet to qualify for this minimally invasive medical weight loss program in NJ. Next, obtain proper lab tests and follow your doctor’s instructions to prepare for your ESG. In addition, know what to expect during the endoscopic sleeve procedure beforehand. Moreover, follow your physician’s care plan for a safe recovery. Furthermore, know what weight loss results to expect after your ESG. Consider the points above to learn about getting an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty for weight loss in New Jersey.

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