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The Best Non-Surgical Medical Weight Loss Programs In NJ

There are several non-surgical medical weight loss programs in Jersey City. These procedures promote effective weight loss through dietary and lifestyle changes. Additionally, weight-loss doctors also use a few non-invasive medical treatments for obesity. These programs also benefit patients who do not qualify for a weight loss surgery. If you are struggling to lose weight yourself, non-surgical weight management can provide a tailored path to shed extra pounds and stay fit. Read on to learn about the best non-surgical programs for medical weight loss in NJ.

Prescription Weight Loss Medication

FDA-approved prescription medication is an effective non-surgical weight loss program in NJ. These medications decrease food cravings and trigger positive weight loss results. Depending on the patient, you can lose up to 18% of excess body weight within a time span of six months. Prescription weight loss medications might be ideal for people with a BMI of 30 or higher. Your weight loss doctor will conduct a physical on to choose the most suitable medication that aligns with your weight loss goals. These specialists may also overview your dietary and lifestyle habits to develop a personalized meal plan. This way, you can continue with your weight loss journey without feeling deprived. Indeed, choose prescription medication weight loss procedure in NJ to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Intra-Gastric Balloon

Intra-gastric balloon is another non-surgical weight loss program in NJ for obesity. During the procedure, your physician will place a gastric balloon in your stomach through a non-invasive procedure. The balloon takes up half of the space in the stomach. Consequently, your daily appetite can significantly decrease, and you should feel satiated after consuming less food. The entire procedure only takes half an hour and you can likely get back to your daily routine right after. The balloon stays in the stomach for six months – during which you can work with your doctor for nutritional guidance. After six months, the physician will deflate and remove the balloon using a minor endoscopic procedure. Indeed, choose intra-gastric balloon for non-surgical weight loss in NJ.

Lipotropic Injections

A lipotropic injection is a safe and effective non-surgical medical weight loss procedure in NJ. These injections contain essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that boost your metabolism and energy levels. Patients following a calorie deficit diet plan can sustain higher energy levels without feeling deprived with lipotropic injections. These injections also regulate cholesterol distribution throughout the body and restrict it from accumulating at one spot. Your weight loss physician can combine lipotropic injections with a personalized diet and nutrition plan to accelerate the fat-burning process. However, a comprehensive medical examination is imperative before receiving these injections. The doctor may suggest another non-surgical weight loss procedure in NJ if you are allergic to methionine, inositol, or choline. Definitely, consult a medical expert and choose weight loss injections in NJ to reach your fitness goals.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Choose cognitive behavioral therapy from an NJ non-surgical weight loss expert. Behavioral therapy changes your eating behavior to promote healthy weight loss. Studies show that 30% of obese people experience a Binge-Eating-Disorder (BED) as well. These personalized therapy programs address such complex cognitive disorders and boost self-confidence. Similar to changing eating behaviors, behavioral therapy further addresses psychological conditions associated with rapid weight gain. These conditions include anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, depression, etc. This improved self-confidence also prevents rapid weight gain in the future, ensuring long-term health benefits. Additionally, your therapist will provide various nutritional and lifestyle insights to maintain a healthy weight. Indeed, cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective medical weight loss program in NJ.

Bariatric Nutritional Counseling

Bariatric nutritional counseling can aid several non-surgical weight loss programs in NJ. Following a healthy diet is imperative to meet your fitness goals. A Bariatric nutritional counselor conducts one-on-one sessions to devise a personalized diet plan for your current condition. In case you are already undergoing another non-invasive procedure, the nutritionist will work with your physician to create these meal plans. Even such small dietary changes will contribute heavily to your weight loss journey. You will also learn how your body responds to different foods, ensuring you can choose better diets in the future. Indeed, try bariatric nutritional counseling for non-surgical medical weight loss in NJ.

There are so many safer non-surgical programs from a medical weight loss doctor in Bergen County NJ. Prescription medication is ideal for patients struggling with obesity with a BMI higher than 30. Or, you can undergo a non-invasive intra-gastric balloon procedure to reach your weight loss goals in a time span of six months. Lipotropic injections are also an effective way to lose weight without any surgical intervention. Additionally, you can pair behavioral therapy and nutritional counseling to maintain a healthy weight for a longer duration. Follow the points above to know more about different non-surgical medical weight loss programs in NJ.

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