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5 Ways The Best Sports Medicine Physician In NJ Treats Pain

There are various ways the best sports medicine physician in NJ treats pain. Sports medicine specializes in diagnosing and treating the acute or chronic pain affecting a patient\’s body. Treatment is offered to help patients to get back into sports, physical activity and everyday life. As a sports athlete, get the best doctor with the most effective treatment methods to fix your injury. Of course, all treatment methods vary depending on your condition, severity and pain. Read on to discover which ways the top sports medicine physician in New Jersey treats pain.


First, the best sports medicine orthopedic doctor in Jersey City, NJ may use acupuncture to treat patients. Acupuncture can relieve pain, rebalance musculoskeletal systems and improve circulation. Plus, this treatment can help your body build muscles and promote storage of liver glycogen. The top sports doctor will work with you to create a plan that addresses your needs. For example, there are personalized treatment plans that focus on weak areas within your body and strengthen them. Or, there are plans that address past or recurring injuries by relieving pain in that region. Certainly, the best sports medicine specialist in New Jersey may offer acupuncture to treat pain.

Physical Therapy

Secondly, NJ\’s best sports medicine physician in NJ may recommend physical therapy (PT) to treat your pain. The top doctor will communicate with you, review your injury and create a personalized plan. PT usually enhances strength, flexibility and endurance. Plus, it can improve balance and pain control. Treatment options may include exercise, manual therapy or ice/heat. Or, you may encounter electric stimulation, traction or vestibular rehabilitation. PT is a great option when recovering from an injury and training to get back into sports. Also, patients can address and manage their injuries in a safe environment. Surely, the top sports medicine doctor may provide physical therapy to treat your pain.

Chiropractic Care

Next, to treat pain, the top sports medicine specialist in New Jersey might provide chiropractic care. Talk to the doctor and discuss your area of pain, discomfort or injury. Chiropractic treatments can align your musculoskeletal system and address pain. In fact, these options can relieve sports-related injuries in the neck, back and shoulders. Plus, it can lessen exercise-related headaches and migraines. Also, by receiving chiropractic care, you can reduce the chance of further injury. More so, it promotes healthy blood circulation and muscle relaxation. Surely, the best out of network physician NJ for sports medicine could conduct chiropractic care to treat your pain.

Bone Realignment

Of course, you might receive bone realignment care by the best sports medicine doctor in NJ to treat your injury. First, the top specialist will do a physical exam and take X-rays of your pained area. After determining and locating your fracture, they may suggest bone realignment. Realignment, or reduction, brings together your bone that was broken into multiple pieces. Once realigned, NJ\’s best orthopedic physician will keep the pieces in tact with fixation which includes plates, rods, screws or an external hardware. As a result, your fracture can heal correctly and increase your chances of returning to sports. Certainly, the best sports medicine doctor in New Jersey may suggest bone realignment to treat your injury.

Joint Reconstruction

Finally, the best physician in Jersey City for sports medicine may say you need joint reconstruction to treat your pain. This option is typically suggested for patients with severe injuries that other treatment options can\’t treat. Joint reconstruction can be applied to most parts of the body, including the ankle, elbow, hip, knee and shoulder. Reconstruction can relieve pain, improve joint conditions and restore movement. The best specialist will talk to you about the procedure and answer your questions. Plus, they will create a personalized post-operative and rehabilitation care plan. Of course, in severe cases, the best sports medicine doctor may recommend joint reconstruction to treat your pain.

There are several methods the best sports medicine physician in NJ recommends to treat pain. First, the top doctor may recommend acupuncture to relieve pain, improve circulation and build body muscles. Secondly, physical therapy might be offered to improve strength, increase training option and provide recovery solutions in a safe environment. Next, chiropractic care can be used to treat your injury by relieving pain, improving blood circulation and relaxing your muscles. Of course, they might offer bone realignment options to address your fracture, treat it and simplify recovery. Finally, in severe cases, you may need joint reconstruction to relieve pain, restore movement and improve your joints. These are various ways the top sports medicine physician in NJ treats pain.

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