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How A Sports Concussion Specialist Hudson County Promotes Rehabilitation

Hudson Country sports concussion specialists utilize several unique treatments to promote rehabilitation and recovery to all their clients. The field of sport concussion prevention, management, and treatment is continuously evolving. Sports medicine doctors NJ are constantly at the forefront of learning how to treat athletes, such as yourself, most effectively. After treating thousands of sports patients, as well as educating coaches and parents, these medical professionals are an excellent resource to promote your personal recovery. To help you get started, read on to learn about how a sports concussion specialist Hudson County promotes rehabilitation.

Comprehensive Concussion Evaluation

Your first visit with a sports concussion specialist Hudson County will likely involve comprehensive diagnosis, evaluation, and recommendations of your current state. During your evaluation, your physician will conduct a balance exam, vision testing, as well as vestibular screening. After these examinations, they will conduct neurological tests in order to assess your hearing, coordination, and reflexes. Simultaneously, they may recommend cognitive evaluations, which will uncover any problems with mental processing or memory as a result from your injury. Certainly, your Hudson County sports concussion specialist experience will likely begin with a comprehensive evaluation.

Neurocognitive Concussion Therapy

In addition, your NJ osteopathic physician will recommend some form of neurocognitive concussion therapy. Neurocognitive therapy is often used to improve the brain’s ability to maintain concentration, focus, and attention for long periods of time. During treatment, your doctor will likely recommend heavy bed rest to allow your concussion ample time to heal. At the same time, they may prescribe physical therapy to increase your strength, flexibility, and balance. To further promote your recovery, you may even be advised to partake in occupational neurocognitive therapy, which will help you regain confidence in your everyday skills. Surely, your Hudson County sports concussion recovery plan will include neurocognitive concussion treatment.

Physical Therapy

Next, physical therapy is a common element of every sports concussion rehabilitation regiment Hudson County New Jersey. Physical therapy is a widely used approach to treat sports-related concussions in recreational, competitive, and professional athletes. Participating in these treatments, you can correct problems associated with balance and headaches. Simultaneously, physical therapy is effective in treating vertigo problems, as well as body pain. Often, PT exercises will include a series of stretching, strengthening, and balancing. This way, you can restore your strength, endurance, and range of motion. Naturally, this helps you recover faster, reduce, and potentially even eliminate pain. Indeed, physical therapy is a core medical service to promote your sports concussion recovery.

Post-Concussion Testing

After your injury is believed to be healed, your sports concussion specialist Hudson County NJ will likely recommend some additional testing. One of the most common forms of examination is the immediate post-concussion assessment and cognitive testing, also known as the ImPact exam. At the same time, your doctor may conduct computer tomography (CT) scans, which combine computer and X-Ray scans. Another popular forms of post-concussion testing include magnetic resonance imaging, or MRIs. With these comprehensive evaluations, you can greatly reduce the chance of second-impact syndrome, which occurs when a second concussion occurs before your previous symptoms have fully subsided. While this event is rare, it can be incredibly dangerous, and potentially deadly in modern athletes.

Concussion Education

Moreover, many Hudson County sports medicine concussion specialists will include comprehensive education in their approach to treatment. Sports-related concussion treatment often extends to patients, families of athletes, as well as coaches. This will include important information concerning Baseline Testing, concussion prevention, as well as response. With comprehensive concussion education, the risk of second-impact syndrome can be greatly reduced. Naturally, this is playing a major role in making recreational, collegiate, and professional sports safer as a whole. Absolutely, comprehensive education for families, athletes, and coaches, is a key component of sports concussion rehabilitation Hudson County.

There are several key elements included in a sports concussion specialist treatment Hudson County New Jersey. Firstly, your treatment process will begin with a comprehensive concussion evaluation. In addition, your pain management NJ doctor will recommend neurocognitive therapy. Next, your doctor may prescribe some form of physical therapy. After your injury subsides, your doctor may advise some post-concussion testing. Moreover, your physician will provide professional education to you, your family, and your coaches. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about how a sports concussion specialist Hudson County promotes rehabilitation.

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