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5 Signs You May Need A Spinal Cord Stimulator Jersey City NJ

There are several signs that you may need a spinal cord stimulator Jersey City NJ to alleviate your back pain. Implanted spinal cord stimulator devices deliver low levels of electricity directly into a patient’s back in order to relieve pain. These medical devices seek to mask chronic pain signals before they are able to reach the brain. If you suffer from chronic back pain, you may want to consider a spinal cord stimulation device to improve your overall quality of life and achieve better nightly sleep. The first step is determining if you are an ideal candidate. To help you get started, read on to learn about the top signs that you may need a spinal cord stimulator Jersey City NJ.

You Haven’t Had Results With Alternative Treatments

First off, you may be an eligible candidate for spinal cord stimulation NJ if you haven’t had results with alternative treatments. Typically, your upper, middle, or lumbar back pain treatments will begin with non-invasive, osteopathic manipulation treatments. This includes measures like physical therapy, sports medicine, and orthopedic treatments. Your doctor may also recommend regenerative therapies like PRP or trigger point injections. Certainly, if you have not have results with other medical treatments, you may be the perfect candidate for a spinal cord stimulator Jersey City NJ.

You Underwent A Failed Back Surgery

If you have already undergone a back surgery and are still suffering from chronic pain, it may be time for a spinal cord stimulator Jersey City NJ. Unfortunately, this may mean that you are suffering from failed back surgery syndrome, also known as FBSS. Usually, FBSS is triggered by recurring muscle spasms or an unexpected scar tissue buildup. Thankfully, spinal cord stimulation devices have proven incredibly effective in treating this rare condition. With these treatments, you can achieve adjustable pain relief, reduce your reliance on medications, and benefit from reversible therapies. Surely, consider getting a spinal cord stimulator Jersey City if you recently underwent a failed back surgery.

You’re Suffering From A Diagnosed Medical Condition

Also, spinal cord stimulation Jersey City may be a great choice if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition. Spinal cord stimulator therapy has the potential to alleviate chronic pain related to several medical conditions. It is highly-effective for patients with complex regional pain syndrome. This progressive, chronic condition is generally categorized by high-levels of swelling and discomfort. Similarly, these medical devices can help patients that suffer from peripheral neuropathy, refractory angina, epidural fibrosis, or degenerative disc disease (DDD). If you are unsure of the formal title for your condition, you may want to visit your local pain management clinic Jersey City. Absolutely, you’re likely an eligible Jersey City spinal cord stimulation candidate if you suffer from a diagnosed medical condition.

You Want To Avoid Spine Surgery

For patients where surgery is not a feasible option, a spinal cord stimulator Jersey City may be the perfect option. People don’t want to have surgery for many reasons. Maybe it is due to a fear of surgical operations, or due to serious health concerns. In other cases, you may have already had surgery and think other procedures will not provide additional pain relief. In these instances, spinal cord stimulation is a great option to consider. These devices offer targeted, minimally-invasive pain relief. Definitely, Jersey City spinal cord stimulation may be right for you if you want to avoid surgery.

You’ve Had A Successful Trial

Before you begin Jersey City spinal cord stimulator treatment, your doctor may recommend a trial. Ultimately, your spinal cord stimulation device trial will be one of the most important factors to determine your eligibility. If the trial does not go well, it may be a deal-breaker. Before you verify that you are a great candidate, you’ll likely need to undergo a successful multi-day treatment. After you use a trial device for three to five days, you’ll clearly understand how it works for your unique condition. Then, you can make a decision on whether or not to continue using this device for targeted, adjustable pain relief. Indeed, you’re likely a great candidate after completing a successful spinal cord stimulation trial Jersey City NJ.

There are several key signs that you may need a spinal cord stimulator in Jersey City NJ. First and foremost, you may be an ideal candidate if you haven’t had results with other types of treatment. This includes physical therapy, sports medicine, and trigger point injections NJ. You should also consider these treatments if you underwent a failed surgery or suffer from FBSS. Before confirming your eligibility, it is essential that you have a successful spinal cord stimulator treatment. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the top signs that you may need a spinal cord stimulator Jersey City NJ.

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