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5 Treatment Options For Rotator Cuff Tear In Jersey City NJ

There are several effective treatment options for rotator cuff tear Jersey City NJ. Importantly, a rotator cuff tear is a rip in the group of muscles and tendons that stabilize a patient\’s shoulder joint. Typically, these muscles allow patients to lift and rotate their arms. In sports such as baseball or tennis, rotator cuff injuries are fairly common. Patients can also get them from painting, cleaning, and other activities that involve repeating the same motion repeatedly. As a patient diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear, you need to know the different treatment options available to you. This way, you fully understand your options as you look to regain motion and strength. Read on to discover several effective treatment options for rotator cuff tear Jersey City NJ.

Physical Therapy

First, physical therapy is a highly effective treatment for rotator cuff tear Jersey City NJ. Usually, this is the first line of treatment to heal your injury. Typically, your physical therapist gives you specific exercises designed to improve your flexibility, provide balanced shoulder muscle strength, and pain management Jersey City. For example, they may assist you with a cross-body stretch where you cross your affected arm over your chest. In addition, they may have you walk your fingers up a wall in reps of 10 or 20 to gradually build your shoulder strength. Of course, always talk to your physical therapist about which exercises they recommend for your condition. This way, you can avoid further injuring your shoulder. Definitely, physical therapy is one of the most effective treatments for rotator cuff tear Jersey City NJ.

Cortisone Injection

Next, your rotator cuff doctor Jersey City NJ might also a cortisone injection to relieve pain in your injury. Typically, this injection is a mixture of cortisone, which is a steroid similar to a chemical your body makes. In addition, the injection usually includes lidocaine, a numbing medication that can take your pain away within minutes of the injection. On the day of your procedure, your rotator cuff specialist places the injection inside your shoulder, just above the rotator cuff. In some cases, the injection can work to take your pain away for the long-term. Depending on your injury, you may need to repeat the injection. Of course, you should avoid numerous injections, as this may mask a more complex injury that needs another treatment. In short, ask your doctor about cortisone injections for rotator cuff tear Jersey City.

Arthroscopic Tendon Repair

In addition, many rotator cuff specialists Jersey City NJ perform an arthroscopic tendon repair surgery to treat rotator cuffs. Typically, doctors do arthroscopic tendon repair as an outpatient procedure with several small incisions. During the procedure your physician inserts an arthroscope or small camera through an incision in your shoulder. Then, they refer to images they get from the arthroscope to perform the procedure. Usually, the sports medicine doctor Bergen County inserts tiny instruments into the small incisions in your shoulder to remove bone spurs. Once they remove the bone spurs, they can reattach the tendon to the upper arm bone. When recovering from surgery, you may need to get additional physical therapy to support you as you regain strength. Absolutely, consult with your doctor about arthroscopic tendon repair for rotator cuff tear Jersey City NJ.

Mini-Open Repair

Moreover, some doctors also use mini-open repair surgery to treat rotator cuff tear Jersey City NJ. With this procedure, your surgeon uses an arthroscope to assess your joint. Using the small camera, they look for possible bone spurs and other problems. Then, they make a small incision to repair the rotator cuff. At this point, your physician sees your tissues directly, instead of on a screen. Typically, the success of this procedure depends on how closely you follow your doctor\’s instructions for recovery. Indeed, their advice can minimize risk of injection and the return of shoulder problems. Undoubtedly, ask your physician about mini-open repair for your rotator cuff tear Jersey City NJ.

Open Repair

Furthermore, your physician can also perform an open repair surgery for your rotator cuff treatment Jersey City NJ. Typically, open surgical repair is only required if your rotator cuff tear is large or complex. For this procedure, the orthopedic pain management Jersey City doctor makes the incision of the shoulder and detaches one of your shoulder muscles. Then, they can gain better access to the torn tendon. In addition, they can remove bone spurs from the underside of your acromion inside the shoulder. Ideally, you should ask your physician about other minimally invasive options such as arthroscopic or mini-open surgery. Indeed, these often involve lower risks. Certainly, consult with your physician about open repair surgery for your rotator cuff tear Jersey City NJ.

There are several effective treatment options for rotator cuff tear Jersey City NJ. First, physical therapy can work to build up strength and flexibility in your rotator cuff. Next, you can also get a cortisone injection to relieve pain. In addition, arthroscopic tendon repair is a great minimally invasive option if you require surgery. Moreover, some doctors also do mini-open surgeries to repair your torn rotator cuff. Furthermore, your physician can also perform an open repair if needed. Consider these points to learn about several effective treatment options for rotator cuff tear Jersey City NJ.

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