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The Best Physiatrist And PM&R Doctor New Jersey

There are several steps to meet with the best physiatrist and PM&R doctor in New Jersey. Physiatry centers specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation — also known as PM&R. These medical experts develop advanced non-surgical treatments for musculoskeletal injuries and orthopedic conditions. If you are suffering a debilitating pain condition yourself, these specialists can help you get back to an active and fulfulling lifestyle. Read on to learn about working with a top-rated physiatrist and PM&R doctor New Jersey.

Know When To See A PM&R Doctor

If you’ve been in an accident, suffered an injury, or have a chronic disease, you should know when to see a PM&R doctor in NJ. An experienced physiatrist can help patients with a wide range of sports-related injuries and medical trauma. These programs can additionally address pain stemming from repetitive motion. Regardless of your specific age group, you can likely benefit from seeing a physical medicine expert. During treatments, these doctors evaluate the entire body — much more than just your origin of pain. Certainly, you should know when to see the best PM&R doctor in Jersey City.

Meet With An Expert Physiatry Medical Team

Next, you are ready to meet with an expert PM&R doctor and physiatry team in New Jersey. Our physiatry doctors and surgeons specialize in physical medicine treatments for the spine, neck, back, and hips. At Sixth Borough Medical, our physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and NJ functional medicine doctors are experts in treatments that focus on function. With years of experience, our medical team can address a wide range of chronic pain conditions using physical rehabilitation and other evidence-backed, non-invasive medical treatments. If you are suffering from chronic pain, it is time to visit a physiatrist and PM&R doctor in Hudson County.

Learn About Our Treatment Philosophy

Ask your PM&R orthopedic doctor in Jersey City about their treatment philosophy. At Sixth Borough Medical, our physical rehabilitation practices focuses on innovative treatments to address chronic pain, sports medicine, and musculoskeletal conditions. Our medical team has a specialized expertise in spine conditions, regenerative medicine, and non-surgical holistic recovery. Physical medicine doctors here also specialize in minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) programs, which incorporate advanced fluoroscopic-guided technology. In our Jersey City offices, we also offer rejuvenative wellness services — including IV hydration, laser skin resurfacing, and Botox injections. Absolutely, learn about your NJ PM&R doctor’s practice philosophy before beginning medical treatment.

Determine What Conditions Are Treated

To find the best PM&R doctor near NYC, determine what conditions are treated. The best physiatrists can potentially help with chronic pain in the muscles, nerves, and bones. This includes discomfort stemming from the knees, elbows, back, and shoulders. PM&R physicians can additionally develop treatment plans for hypotonia, spasticity, and spinal cord injuries. To alleviate pain, look for a doctor that can additionally perform Botox, PRP, and nerve block injections. Certainly, find a PM&R physiatrist in NJ that can treat a wide variety of conditions, problems, and disorders.

Start To Notice Improvements — Without Surgery

Start to potentially feel and notice improvements with the best physiatrist and PM&R doctor in New Jersey. You should start to experience relief in the impacted bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. Interventional physiatry programs emphasize using non-operative pain management treatments — so you should experience a shorter recovery time too. Speak with orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists to develop personalized treatment plans to improve results. A variety of treatments such as nerve block injections, spinal cord stimulation, and regenerative medicine Jersey City are available for better healing. Definitely, start to potentially experience improvements with the help of a PM&R physician in New Jersey.

There are several steps to get started with the best physiatrist and PM&R doctor in New Jersey. Before scheduling an appointment, know when to see a physiatry specialist. Next, meet with an expert medical team to discuss your goals, needs, and expectations. You should also ask about the medical center’s treatment and practice philosophy. With this information, you’ll have a better understanding of what medical conditions are treated. After a few sessions, you should start to potentially notice and feel improvements — all without the need for invasive surgery. Follow the points above to learn about the best PM&R doctor and physiatrist in New Jersey.

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