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Seeing A Doctor Of Osteopathic Medicine NYC For The First Time

There are several things patients need to know when seeing a doctor of osteopathic medicine NYC for the first time. Importantly, a doctor of osteopathic medicine DO) is fully licensed and trained to practice medicine. Like an MD, these doctors typically graduate from a traditional medical school. The main difference is that many DOs and functional medicine doctor NJ focus on the whole body, rather than just treating symptoms. Therefore, they may practice methods like manual medicine and physical therapy before administering medication. As someone interested in seeing a DO, you need to know ahead of your first visit. Read on to learn about seeing a doctor of osteopathic medicine NYC for the first time.

Physical Exam

First, your osteopathic medicine doctor NYC typically conducts a physical examination. Usually, this takes about one to two hours. During this process, your physician may ask you to demonstrate simple stretches and movements. This way, they can accurately analyze your mobility. In addition, many DOs use a touch technique called palpation to assess your joint, ligament, and tissue health. Usually, this manipulation is gentle. Of course, you may feel sore for 24 to 48 hours if you\’re experiencing chronic pain. Once they complete your examination, your doctor can propose a treatment plan to meet your needs. Often, this incorporates dietary changes, home exercises, medication, and other lifestyle adjustments. Definitely, prepare for your physical examination at your first osteopathic medicine NYC appointment.

Conditions DOs Treat

Next, you familiarize yourself with the conditions an osteopathic medicine NYC physician treats. For example, many DOs are trained to treat common sports injuries such as runner\’s knee, tennis elbow, and golfer\’s elbow. In addition, they can other repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, torn rotator cuff, and ACL injuries. Many osteopathic physicians can also treat certain types of headaches such as migraines and tension headaches. Some osteopaths also provide treatment and non opioid pain management NJ for chronic conditions like menstrual pain, asthma, and sinus problems. Absolutely, talk with your osteopathic medicine New York City doctor to see if they can treat your condition.

DOs & Spine Disorders

In addition, you should know that many osteopathic medicine NYC doctors can treat spine conditions as well. For example, DOs commonly treat acute and chronic back pain. In addition, they can also treat back sprains, muscle strains, and joint pain as well. Of course, many osteopathic doctors can also treat degenerative spine disorders, myofascial pain including fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis. Consider seeing a DO if you have sciatic, herniated disc, or piriformis syndrome as well. Undoubtedly, visit an osteopathic medical doctor NYC to treat chronic and acute spine disorders.

Tests & Procedures

Moreover, your doctor of osteopathic medicine NYC can also run tests and procedures like a typical doctor\’s office or specialist. In fact, many of these doctors also work as a primary care physician, providing athlete physicals and yearly checkups. Therefore, you can see an osteopathic doctor to get diagnostic tests done such as blood work and urine analysis. Some DOs can also perform biopsies, minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery Jersey City NJ, and administer pain management injections. For example, many osteopaths offer epidurals for back pain or Botox injections for migraine. In short, talk with your osteopathic medicine NYC physician about getting diagnostic tests and procedures.

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

Furthermore, you can also see your DO for osteopathic manipulative treatment NYC. During osteopathic manipulation, your doctor typically apply gentle pressure to manipulate your muscles soft tissues, and joints. Often, this promotes treatment by improving circulation and sending blood cells to the affected area. In addition, this manipulation can encourage the body to heal itself through proper joint and muscle alignment. Notably, this manipulation can work to improve sleep and relieve pain. Plus, it can help pregnant women and infants with colic. Certainly, osteopathic manipulation NYC is a great treatment to access from your DO.

There are several things patients need to know when seeing a doctor of osteopathic medicine NYC for the first time. First, prepare for a physical exam during your visit. Next, you should also familiarize yourself with different conditions that DOs treat. In addition, many osteopathic doctors can treat spine conditions as well. Moreover, you can access diagnostic tests and treatment procedures at your osteopathic clinic. Furthermore, ask your doctor if osteopathic manipulative therapy is right for you. Consider these points to learn about seeing a doctor of osteopathic medicine NYC for the first time.

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