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Get An Orthopedic PRP Knee Injection NYC For Pain Relief

Ready to get an orthopedic PRP knee injection NYC for effective chronic pain relief? Platelet-rich plasma knee injections are known to be incredibly safe, effective, long-lasting, and relatively painless. These injections use the patient\’s own blood — reducing the risk of adverse effects or painful symptoms. Find out how an NJ knee doctor can help you live and feel your best with this state-of-the-art regenerative procedure. Read on to learn about getting orthopedic knee injections New York City for lasting pain relief.

How PRP Knee Injections Work

Before you schedule an appointment, find out how regenerative knee injections NJ actually work. Platelet-rich plasma is harvested from our own blood — containing plenty of healing proteins or growth factors. Doctors can collect this by taking small measures of blood right from your arm. These platelets help with forming blood clots and accelerating healing. After, your collected blood is placed in a centrifuge, where the PRP is separated. Now, this platelet-rich plasma can be injected into damaged, injured tissue surrounding the knee. Certainly, understand how knee injections work — then schedule an appointment with an NYC pain relief center.

Ideal Candidates For PRP Injections

Meet with an NYC pain relief specialist to find out if you\’re an ideal candidate for PRP knee injections. If you\’ve diagnosed with arthritis, your doctor may recommend these injections to support healing, reduce painful symptoms, and increase range of motion. Of course, there are a wide range of chronic pain conditions and injuries that can benefit from knee injection treatment. For example, patients suffering from knee sprains, meniscus tears, patellar tendonitis, and sciatica have reported positive results after just a few injections. Knee injections can also help with piriformis syndrome and ligament tears. Surely, find out if you\’re an ideal candidate for orthopedic knee injections New Jersey.

The Typical Knee Injection Procedure

After you meet with a specialist, find out what typical procedure for pain management injections NJ looks like. First, you need to schedule a day for your appointment. The entire process should take less than two hours — so you won\’t need to take a whole day off. However, you may want to take the day to relax afterwards. Once you arrive, you\’ll be prepped for fluoroscopic imaging. During the procedure, your doctor will use these to guide the injection needle to the right points. The majority of knee injections contain a safe local anesthetic, which helps you feel instant pain relief.  Absolutely, learn more about the typical procedure for NYC pain relief injections.

Available Types Of Knee Injections

If PRP isn\’t the best choice, your doctor may recommend a different type of available knee injections for pain relief NYC. Viscosupplementation knee injections, for example, promote pain relief in joints in-need of lubrication and rejuvenation. Steroid injections, on the other hand, control pain and damage to joints suffering from inflammation. Of course, your doctor may also recommend knee nerve blocks, bursa injections, or radiofrequency ablation too. If you\’re battling with debilitating knee pain, contact us today to learn more about our non and minimally-invasive relief options. Indeed, get familiar with the available types of pain injections that promote knee treatment without surgery NJ.

Post-Procedural Care After PRP Therapy

After PRP injections NYC are administered, consider what post-procedural care is recommended. You may feel a slight tingling sense of discomfort surrounding the injection site — lasting just a few days after treatment. Your doctor may prescribe safe, non-addictive pain medications to help with this. Regenerative medicine experts will also provide you with at-home treatment options to minimize any symptoms. After just a few days, you\’ll feel ready to return back to your everyday hobbies, passions, and activities. Of course, you may still want to refrain from any overly-physical sports or heavy lifting. Definitely, learn about the post-procedural care recommended after PRP injection therapy NYC.

There are several key steps to get a orthopedic knee injection Jersey City NJ for targeted pain relief. Platelet-rich plasma injections are a safe, effective, long-lasting, and painless treatment option. Before you schedule your appointment, find out how these treatments actually work. Then, find out if you are an ideal candidate from a trusted pain relief specialist. Your PRP doctor can also walk you through what the typical procedure looks like. If PRP isn\’t the best option, expert pain relief specialists can recommend effective alternatives. You\’ll also receive information regarding post-procedural care to follow after treatment. Follow the points above to schedule an appointment for regenerative medicine knee injections around NYC.

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