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Getting Long COVID Treatment Near Me At A Recovery Clinic

There are several steps to get long COVID treatment near me at a recovery clinic. According to recent students, nearly 40% of COVID-19 survivors have or had long-term illness effects after recovery. This means that nearly 100 million people have experienced lingering health concerns or are still reporting issues following a COVID-19 infection. Fortunately, many physicians are expanding their services to offer post COVID-19 care. As a COVID long hauler, you need to know how to access proper treatment at a post COVID-19 clinic. This way, you can address your symptoms and get the care you need. Read on to learn about getting long COVID treatment near me at a recovery clinic.

Know The Symptoms

First, you need to know the symptoms before getting long COVID treatment near me. Commonly, patients report lingering COVID symptoms associated with the initial infection. For example, you may experience lingering loss of taste or smell, chest pain, fever, and headaches. Other common symptoms include brain fog, muscle pain, and sleep disturbances. You might also feel fatigue or extreme exhaustion after doing basic activities. If you experience any of these symptoms for at least 2 months after testing positive, you should go to a post COVID-19 recovery clinic. You can get free COVID testing Paramus to confirm if you have COVID-19. This way, doctors can rule out other conditions and get you the care you need. Definitely, know the symptoms before getting long COVID treatment near me.

Make An Appointment

Next, you should make an appointment at your local recovery clinic to get long COVID treatment near me. At your visit, your doctor will likely ask about your symptoms and your medical history. From there, they may conduct a comprehensive medical evaluation and order blood tests to get a clearer idea of how COVID is affecting you. Depending on your symptoms, your physician may listen to your lungs and order scans as needed. Using these tests, doctors can rule out other underlying health conditions as the cause of your symptoms. Importantly, you should seek emergency medical care if you experience chest pain that is sudden or severe accompanied by vomiting or loss of consciousness. Absolutely, make an appointment with your post-COVID care center to get long COVID treatment near me.

Access Customized Care

In addition, many long covid treatment clinics near me offer customized care options. Indeed, many people with COVID long haulers syndrome have symptoms that affect the nervous system, heart, and lungs. Thus, many treatment centers include neurology, cardiology, and pulmonary care. For example, your doctor may provide pulmonary rehabilitation therapy such as diet, exercise, and breathing counseling. Additionally, some long COVID doctors offer supplemental oxygen therapy so you can reduce fatigue and difficulty breathing in your daily life. Depending on your symptoms, long COVID doctors NJ may prescribe medication to reduce inflammation and scarring in your lungs as well. They may also recommend an inhaler. In short, ask your recovery clinic about custom long COVID treatment near me.

Keep Gut Microbiome Healthy

Moreover, many long COVID treatment clinics near me recommend keeping your gut microbiome healthy. According to recent research, patients with unbalanced microbiomes often have a higher likelihood for developing long COVID. Thus, you should keep your gut microbiome healthy by eating a well-balanced diet. Many doctors recommend eating a diet high in fiber and plant polyphenols. For example, berries, nuts, and vegetables can improve your gut health. In addition, you can also drink coffee or tea as well. Of course, many doctors recommend avoiding excess saturated fats, refined sugars, and artificial sweeteners. Depending on your dietary needs, your physician can work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs. In short, keep your gut microbiome healthy as part of your long COVID treatment near me.

Reduce Your Risk

Furthermore, you can potentially reduce your risks by getting long COVID treatment near me. According to a recent study, people who got their first vaccine dose within 12 weeks of getting COVID-19 reduced their risk for getting long COVID. Indeed, many patients reported feeling much better after getting their vaccine. Currently, scientists hypothesize that this is due to a rest of the immune system, where the vaccine serves as an aid to fight off the lingering virus. Importantly, this research is still under review. Therefore, you should consult with your doctor before getting a vaccine or booster if you\’ve contracted COVID-19. If possible, you should get the vaccine preemptively to reduce your chances of developing long covid. You can also get an online COVID consultation NJ if you believe you\’ve contracted the virus. Undoubtedly, reduce your risk by going to your long COVID treatment center near me.

There are several steps to get long COVID treatment near me at a recovery clinic. First, you should know the symptoms of long COVID so you can get the right care. Next, make an appointment at your recovery center to see a doctor. At your visit, you can access customized care options for pulmonary and cardio health. Moreover, doctors can also provide recommendations to improve your gut microbiome balance. Furthermore, reduce your risk by getting the COVID-19 vaccine upon your doctor\’s recommendation. Consider these points to learn about getting long COVID treatment near me at a recovery clinic.

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