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5 Therapeutic Injections For Knee Treatment Without Surgery In NJ

There are several therapeutic injections for knee treatment without surgery NJ. According to recent data, knee osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most common type of osteoarthritis that affects people in the United States. With this condition, cartilage in the knee joint degenerates, causing the bones to rub against each other. Fortunately, nonsurgical treatments for knee pain can work to relieve symptoms without incurring high risk. As someone suffering from knee pain, you need to know some of the most effective injections to reduce pain. Whether you have osteoarthritis, runner\’s knee, or a sports injury, these treatments along with minimally invasive knee surgery NJ are great to get you back to your routine. Read on to discover several therapeutic injections for knee treatment without surgery NJ.

Steroid Injections For Knee Pain

First, steroid injections are one of the top nonsurgical knee treatments NJ. Also called cortisone shots, doctors inject this medication directly into the knee joint. Typically, the injection medication is mixed with a numbing agent to reduce pain during the procedure as well. For many patients, these shots work to decrease inflammation to provide short term pain relief. Plus, they usually have fewer side effects than oral steroid medications. Depending on the severity of your condition, most doctors can repeat the injection every three months. Of course, many doctors try to limit these treatments to two times per year to prevent further cartilage loss from OA. Therefore, talk to your specialist to see if steroid injections are the right nonsurgical knee treatment NJ for you.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Next, many sports medicine physicians also offer hyaluronic acid injections or viscosupplementation knee treatment NJ. For this procedure, your knee doctor injects hyaluronic acid directly into your knee joint. Importantly, this gel-like substaince is naturally occurring in the area surrounding your joints. Indeed, it lubricates your bones and acts as a shock absorber for joint loads. Since OA patients have lower concentrations of hyaluronic acid, these fillers can facilitate movement. Plus, many patients find that the solution reduces pain as well. Absolutely, talk to your NJ pain and spine center about getting hyaluronic acid injections for knee treatment without surgery NJ.

PRP Injections

In addition, many doctors also administer platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections for knee pain treatment NJ. Typically, a healthcare provider starts by collecting a small sample of blood. Then, they spin your blood in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma. Notably, this solution can have up to three times more platelets than your normal blood levels. By injecting this into your knee with a numbing agent, this can work to jumpstart the healing process. Plus, studies show that PRP for knees can improve mild knee osteoarthritis and reduce pain. In short, talk with your physician to see if PRP injections are the right knee treatment without surgery NJ for you.


Moreover, prolotherapy is another effective nonsurgical knee treatment New Jersey. Usually, this procedure involves about 15 to 20 injections in a treatment session. Here, the doctor injects an irritant such as dextrose solution right into your knee joint and surrounding tissues. For many patients, this works to stimulate natural tissue repair in the body. Plus, studies show that prolotherapy can work great as a nonopioid pain management NJ to treat osteoarthritis. Of course, you should always talk with your doctor or clinic to see if prolotherapy is the right nonsurgical knee treatment NJ for you.

Stem Cell Injections

Furthermore, stem cell injections are another effective knee arthritis treatment without surgery NJ. Unlike other cells, stem cells can usually develop into any type of cell. Thus, they can work to help repair your damaged tissues. Indeed, many doctors inject stem cells into patients who have knee arthritis. Then, the cells can encourage cartilage healing and regrowth. In addition, stem cell injections can often reduce inflammation as well. Typically, this takes about two to six weeks. Certainly, ask your doctor if they think you\’d be a good candidate for stem cell injections for your knee treatment NJ.

There are several therapeutic injections for knee treatment without surgery NJ. First, steroid injections for knee pain work to provide short term relief through a cortisone shot. Next, you can also get hyaluronic injections or knee fillers to improve mobility. In addition, PRP injections are highly effective to promote healing and regrowth. Moreover, prolotherapy can also improve OA pain. Furthermore, talk to your doctor about stem cell injections to support damaged cell repair. Consider these points to learn about some of the top therapeutic injections for knee treatment without surgery NJ.

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