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5 Treatment Methods Offered Through Integrative Medicine In Bergen County NJ

There are various treatment methods offered through integrative medicine in Bergen County NJ. Integrative medicine doctors review their patient\’s needs, risks and goals, to develop a holistic pain management NJ approach for a healthy life. This includes a multi-discipline plan that combines conventional and complementary health care options to treat diseases. As an individual dealing with a chronic illness, there are various non invasive treatment options to access through an integrative medicine specialist. Read on to learn about what treatment methods are offered through integrative medicine in Bergen County, New Jersey.


First, integrative medicine doctors in Bergen County, NJ offer nutrition plans as a treatment option. Personalized nutrition solutions are an effective way to fight illnesses, treat problems and prevent future complications. In fact, the proper diet can usually treat gastrointestinal issues, autoimmune problems or chronic conditions. For example, the right diet can address immune health, hormone imbalances and genetic factors. As a result, acid reflux and irritable bowl syndrome complications decrease. More so, by eating the right foods, you can normalize your cholesterol and blood sugar. Of course, good health is a natural occurrence when your body receives and assimilates the right nutrients. Certainly, consider nutrition treatment methods from your integrative medicine doctor in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Yoga Therapy

Secondly, your Bergen County integrative medicine specialist may suggest yoga therapy as a treatment method. After evaluating your condition, your certified therapist will create a personalized plan to address your mental, physical and emotional needs. In fact, they can create effective yoga solutions for all patients, including those with neurological issues, those looking to be healthier and those preparing for end of life. Plans may include activities such as moving exercises, breathing practices, mindfulness methods and meditation. These activities can build strength and flexibility and increase the flow of oxygen. More so, they can balance your nervous system, increase positive thinking and calm your mind. Of course, your integrative medicine doctor in Bergen County, New Jersey may offer yoga therapy as a treatment option.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection

Next, your Bergen County, NJ integrative medicine specialist may offer treatment options such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. This noninvasive method is is a type of regenerative medicine that increases healing properties. Your specialist will draw your blood and place it in a centrifuge. The blood is spun for about 6 minutes to collect the most viable fibrin and platelets. Then, the viable components are extracted and reinjected into your injured body tissue. PRP injections can amplify the healing process for injuries including shoulder pain, chronic tendinosis and soft-tissue conditions. Certainly, consider asking your integrative medicine doctor about PRP injections NJ to address your pain.


Of course, you can access acupuncture as a treatment method from your integrative medicine doctor in Bergen County, NJ. Acupuncture incorporates the insertion of thin steel needles into the skin to stimulate certain areas. In fact, stimulation can cause your body\’s system to react to an illness, re-balance or release natural chemicals. With a personalized acupuncture strategy, patients can get relief from health conditions and related symptoms, such as pain. For example, it can calm chronic pain such as arthritis, migraines and menstrual cramps. Plus, acupuncture can help with immune system issues, infertility and irritable bowel syndrome. Surely, acupuncture is a top treatment method offered by integrative medicine specialists in Bergen County, New Jersey.


Finally, your integrative medicine doctor in Bergen County, NJ may suggest aromatherapy as a treatment option. Aromatherapy uses pure essential oils to associate certain brain functions with our sense of smell. After learning about your condition, your doctor can recommend certain essential oils to address your problems. For example, you might be introduced to a lavender essential oil to relax your body. Or, you may experience a lemongrass smelling oil to cause alertness. Of course, studies have also shown aromatherapy can help with memory retention, headaches, stress and sleep. Certainly, an integrative medicine specialist in Bergen County, NJ may offer aromatherapy as a treatment option.

There are several treatment options available with integrative medicine in Bergen County NJ. First, integrative medicine doctors may offer nutritional treatment methods, such as a personalized diet, to address gastrointestinal, autoimmune and chronic issues. Secondly, they may suggest yoga therapy to build strength, increase your flow of oxygen, facilitate healing or calm your mind. Next, they may suggest PRP treatment in NJ to increase and improve the healing properties within your tissues. Of course, you can get acupuncture to stimulate certain areas in your body to treat illnesses, release chemicals or relieve chronic pain. Finally, your doctor may provide aromatherapy options to improve brain functions with your sense of smell. These are several treatment options offered through integrative medicine in Bergen County, NJ.

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