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How Does A Golfers Elbow Doctor In New Jersey Treat Injury Pain?

There are several ways a golfers elbow doctor New Jersey treats injury pain. Golfer\’s elbow or medial epicondylitis is a chronic injury that occurs when there is stress, strain, or inflammation of the muscles. In addition, this condition can cause microtears in the tendons and ligaments. This can restrict movement in the forearm and cause scar tissue to form. If left untreated, this scar tissue can put pressure on the muscles and cut off blood flow. As a patient struggling with golfers elbow, you need to know how a pain specialist in NJ can treat your pain. Of course, you should speak with your physician about your unique condition before trying any treatments. This way, you can reduce your pain and get back to physical activity safely. Read on to learn about how does a golfers elbow doctor New Jersey treat pain.

Rest And Ice

First, your golfers elbow doctor NJ may recommend rest and ice to reduce your pain. Indeed, they may tell you to put your golf game or other repetitive activities on hold until you are pain-free. If you return to activity too soon, you can worsen your condition. In addition, you should apply ice packs to your elbow for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Depending on your pain level, your doctor may recommend doing this three to four times per day for several days. To protect your skin, you should wrap the ice packs in a thin towel. Additionally, ask your doctor to show you how to massage your inner elbow. You can add this to your ice and rest routine. Definitely, follow your golfers elbow doctor New Jersey recommendations to rest and ice your injury.

Golfers Elbow Brace

Next, your golfers elbow specialist New Jersey may recommend a counter-force brace to support your healing process. Notably, this type of brace is a strap that wraps around your forearm just below your elbow. It works to apply pressure over your forearm\’s flexor muscles. This can reduce strain and pulling on the attachment site of the muscle. Typically, counter-force braces have a specific insert or padding as well. Usually, it\’s filled with foam, gel, or plastic. Then, it goes over your target muscle area to apply pressure and alleviate tension in your tendon. Most golfers elbow braces are one-size-fits all. Of course, your physician may measure your arm if their supplier offers different sizes. In short, talk to your golfers elbow doctor NJ about a brace for your arm.

Physical Therapy

In addition, your golfers elbow pain management doctor Jersey City, NJ may recommend physical therapy to speed up your recovery time. With guided exercises and stretches, you can reduce symptom intensity and frequency. To get started, your physical therapist may show you how to do wrist/forearm soft tissue rolling. For this exercise, you get a rounded object like a tennis or lacrosse ball. Then, you put your forearm on top of the ball with your palm facing up or down. Once you have the placement, you can roll your forearm up and down the ball 10 to 15 times, stopping on spots that feel extra sore. Doctors might also show you exercises to increase your strength and range of motion. Undoubtedly, ask your doctor about physical therapy for golfers elbow treatment NJ.


Moreover, your golfers elbow physician New Jersey may also prolotherapy as an alternative treatment for your injury. Typically, this involves injecting a sugar or saline substance into your sore joint or muscle. Since your body recognizes it as an irritant, it sends immune cells and other chemicals to the area. In addition, the injection can change the fluid pressure and cause local cells in the area to burst. This can jumpstart the body\’s natural healing process. Over time, this can work to repair damaged nerves, blood vessels, and muscle tissue in the joint area. It can also ease pain levels as well. Absolutely, ask your golfers elbow doctor New Jersey about prolotherapy to support your body\’s healing process.

PRP Injection

Furthermore, a golf elbow specialist New Jersey can also give PRP injections. For this treatment, your doctor will remove a vial of blood. Typically, this is about 30 mL. Next, they spin it in a centrifuge to separate the four main components. Once they are separated, your doctor can remove the platelet rich plasma (PRP). Then, they can inject the plasma into your elbow at the site of your pain. Often, doctors use an ultrasound to guide the injection. Notably, these platelets contain growth factors that can trigger cell reproduction and stimulate tissue regeneration. This can speed up the healing time and decrease pain at the site of your injury. Surely, ask your doctor for golfers elbow New Jersey about PRP injections.

There are several effective ways a golfers elbow doctor New Jersey treats injury pain. First, your specialist may recommend rest and ice. Next, they may provide a golfers elbow brace. In addition, they may recommend physical therapy as well. Moreover, they may offer prolotherapy. Of course, some doctors offer PRP injection NYC therapy as well. Consider these points to learn about how does a golfers elbow doctor New Jersey treat pain.

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