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Top Specialties Of A Chronic Pelvic Pain Doctor in NJ

Chronic pelvic pain doctors in NJ provide a wide range of medical specialties. Pelvic pain can often be elusive, making it challenging to detect the source. Pain management specialists in NJ use advanced diagnosis, treatments, and techniques to evaluate underlying symptoms. Based on the results, pelvic pain doctors recommend different medical treatments like occupational therapy, epidural injections, and other interventional procedures. If you have been experiencing chronic pelvic pain yourself, consult a pain management specialist Hoboken NJ for help and guidance. Read on for a comprehensive overview of different specialties offered by a pelvic pain doctor in NJ.

Common Pelvic Pain Symptoms

A pelvic pain doctor in NJ could potentially provide relief from common symptoms. You may experience different pelvic pain symptoms such as constipation, bleeding, and abdominal pain. In some cases, pelvic muscles and connected tissues could trigger debilitating pain. Due to multiple causes and symptoms, your pain management doctor will first detect the root cause of the problem. After these tests, your doctor will create a customized treatment plan to target and alleviate the pain. Depending on your needs, your treatment plan may include physical therapy, joint injections, or platelets-rich plasma (PRP) services. Certainly, consult a specialist in NJ to address the common symptoms of chronic pelvic pain.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

The best pain management doctors in NJ specialize in alleviating pelvic inflammatory disease. If you have been experiencing pain in your pelvic region for more than six months, PID might be the root cause. Occasionally, you may experience fever and chills – along with severe pelvic pain. In these situations, your physician could recommend hormonal contraception or a minimally invasive procedure to lower the pain. For instance, laparoscopic surgery is a common approach. Your doctor may recommend laparoscopic surgery when antibiotics do not alleviate the condition. Indeed, contact a pelvic pain specialist in NJ for a comprehensive PID diagnosis and treatment.

Musculoskeletal System Pain

Get in touch with a pelvic pain doctor in NJ to address discomfort across the musculoskeletal system. Chronic pelvic pain could arise from musculoskeletal deformities and regular muscle injuries. If you have suffered injuries to ligaments or tendons near the pelvis, you may experience severe pain in the long run. Your pain management doctor will address the muscular pain with physical therapy. These therapeutic procedures strengthen abdominal and pelvic muscles. Over time, you can get chronic pain relief and experience improved bodily functions. Absolutely, consult the best pelvic specialist for physical therapy programs in NJ to address musculoskeletal system pain.

Endometriosis Symptoms

Pelvic pain doctors in NJ provide comprehensive care for endometriosis. Many women suffer from endometriosis – a health condition where the uterine lining grows outside the uterus. Women with endometriosis often experience debilitating chronic pain, especially through their menstruation period. For mild symptoms, your physician may simply prescribe over-the-top medications to alleviate the symptoms. For severe pain, your doctor may follow a multi-disciplinary approach to provide better relief. This approach may include dietary modifications, physical therapy, or other non-invasive procedures to help lower the pain. Indeed, consult the best pelvic pain doctor in NJ to alleviate the symptoms of endometriosis.

Bladder Pain

Contact NJ pelvic pain specialists for effective solutions to manage bladder pain. Chronic bladder pain could arise due to pelvic infection and inflammation. Women with chronic bladder pain experience different symptoms including stress, unnecessary urinary urgency, and irregular menstruation cycle. Your pain management doctor may start with physical therapy to lower these symptoms gradually. When the pain persists for a longer period, the physician might use transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to alleviate the pain. The procedure aims at relieving pelvic pain and reducing urinary urgency using mild electrical pulses. Indeed, get in touch with the top pelvic pain specialist for chronic bladder pain.

The best chronic pelvic pain doctor in NJ provides a variety of specialties to address different health conditions. The best pain doctor NJ addresses common pelvic pain symptoms through personalized treatments. You can also consult a professional physician for pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or musculoskeletal system pain. For a severe ailment like endometriosis, the doctor may use a personalized treatment plan to lower the symptoms. This procedure could include medication, physical therapy, and other non-invasive treatments. In case of bladder pain, the doctor may further use an advanced procedure like transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to provide better relief. Follow the points above to understand the top specialties offered by a pelvic pain doctor in NJ.

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