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5 Top Treatments The Best NJ Pain And Spine Center Has To Offer

There are several top treatments the best NJ pain and spine center has to offer. According to recent data, nearly 80% of adults are likely to experience a back ache at some point in their lives. Often, different variables such as posture, activity, and injury can impact the type of pain patients experience. If you\’ve recently strained your back or are dealing with chronic pain, you need to know what care options are available. This way, you can see your local physiatrist or top rated primary care physician Jersey City to get started on a treatment plan. Read on to learn about the top treatments the best NJ pain and spine center has to offer.

Physical Therapy

First, the best New Jersey pain and spine clinic near me often offers physical therapy as one of the first lines of treatment. With this, you work with your physician or physical therapist to complete different strengthening, balance, and flexibility exercises. For example, many physical therapists do different core exercises with patients to support good posture. Depending on your pain, they may also facilitate aerobic exercise such as walking, cycling, or riding an elliptical machine. Of course, they can also guide you through different stretches to alleivate muscle tightness and assess your pain tolerance. Undoubtedly, talk with your NJ pain and spine doctor about physical therapy to manage your symptoms.

Epidural Steroid Injections

Next, many top NJ pain and spine specialists can also provide epidural steroid injections. Typically, these are administered directly into the dural sac surrounding the spinal cord. Of course, doctors usually use live x-ray fluoroscopy or ultrasound to ensure proper needle placement. Once administered, the corticosteroid in the injection can start to relieve inflammation around your compressed nerve root. Simultaneously, you may experience immediate relief from the numbing agent as well. Importantly, many doctors use epidurals alongside other treatments. For example, you may start with an epidural to reduce your pain enough that you can do physical therapy or get orthopedic back bracing NJ. Definitely, talk with your NJ pain and spine center about getting an epidural for pain relief.

Facet Block Injection

In addition, some of the best pain and spine NJ clinics offer facet block injections. For this procedure, the doctor usually starts by numbing the injection site and administering a local anesthetic. Then, they can guide a needle through your numbed tissues to the medial branch nerve. Like an epidural, they use an x-ray fluoroscope with contrast dye to make sure the needle is injected in the right place. Once the medication is injected, you\’ll be kept for a brief time before you can go home. Then, your doctor will likely ask you to watch your pain level as the medication wears off. If successful, they may recommend another procedure to offer long-term relief. Absolutely, a facet block injection is one of the best New Jersey pain and spine treatments to consider.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Moreover, your local NJ pain and spine center may recommend spinal cord stimulation to manage your pain. With this procedure, your doctor surgically places a spinal cord stimulator under your skin. Then, they can send mild electric currents to your spinal cord. Notably, these electrical pulses work to prevent pain signals from reaching your brain. This way, you either feel no pain or only a slight tingling sensation. Importantly, spinal cord stimulation does not eliminate the source of your pain. Instead, it changes the way your brain perceives it. Therefore, most doctors try this when other sports medicine Rutherford NJ treatments have been unsuccessful. In short, talk with your NJ pain and spine doctor to see if spinal cord stimulation is right for you.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Furthermore, many NJ pain and spine doctors also perform minimally invasive spine surgery depending on your condition. For example, your physician may perform a discectomy to remove or trim your herniated disc. Typically, they\’ll use a microscope or endoscope to keep the incisions small. This way, you can heal faster and keep your complication risk low. If you have spinal stenosis, your doctor may recommend a decompression surgery to remove bone and soft tissues that are narrowing your vertebral canal. Importantly, this can work to alleviate numbness, pain, and muscle weakness. Certainly, minimally invasive surgery is one of the best NJ pain and spine treatments doctors have to offer.

There are several top treatments the best NJ pain and spine center has to offer. First, physical therapy is one of the top treatments to increase your strength and stability. Next, you can also get an epidural steroid injection to relieve inflammation in your nerve root. In addition, your doctor may recommend a facet block injection to minimize your pain. Moreover, spinal cord stimulation is highly effective to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. Furthermore, minimally invasive surgery can also provide long-term relief for patients. Consider these points to learn about the top treatments the best NJ pain and spine center has to offer.

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