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5 Ways Doctors Manage Neck Pain Treatment In NJ

There are several ways doctors manage neck pain treatment in NJ. Neck pain can be caused by many factors including age, injury, mental stress, or physical strain. The pain lingers in or around the spine, also known as the cervical spine, underneath your head. Whether it be axial, mainly in the neck, or radicular, pain that affects other parts, it can be a serious condition. As a patient with neck pain, if left untreated, you may be in pain for years which can interfere with quality of life and everyday activities. Certainly, consult your doctor for treatment methods for your neck pain North Bergen NJ. Here are a few ways doctors manage neck pain treatment in New Jersey.

At Home Remedies

First, your doctor can manage minor neck pain, discomfort or stiffness with at home treatments. They may request that you take a few days off from sports or any strenuous activities such as working out. Meanwhile, they will likely ask you to slowly exercise and stretch your neck daily. Other treatments may include applying ice for the first couple days then changing to heat. As per your doctor\’s instructions, apply heat with a heating pad, hot compress or a hot shower. Of course, talk to your doctor about over the counter (OTC) relievers to manage your pain as needed. Certainly, your doctor can manage your neck pain with at home treatments in NJ.

Physical Therapy

Secondly, doctors can treat neck pain with physical therapy (PT) and pain management Paramus, NJ. Your doctor will likely refer you to a trusted physical therapist. Depending on the severity of your pain, you could receive passive or active physical therapy. Passive PT demands limited to no physical exertion from the patient. Treatment options include massage therapy, electrotherapy, and heat therapy. Meanwhile, active PT requires effort from the patient through stretches, activity and exercise. These activities work the pained area in the cervical spine which should reduce pain and stress in the neck. Of course, the amount of PT you need will depend on your condition and your doctor\’s recommendation. Surely, doctors can manage neck pain with physical therapy treatment.


Of course, doctors can manage neck pain with acupuncture treatments in NJ. Your doctor will refer you to a qualified acupuncturist who will conduct techniques as needed. Acupuncture is mainly used to relieve pain. Additionally, it improves neck function and reduces stress levels. Since neck pain is usually a sign of deeper issues, you will receive in-depth examinations to determine the root of your pain. In fact, they may discover that your pain is coming from issues in your abdomen. As a result, your pain could be relieved by having needles inserted in the abdominal area instead of the area of discomfort in your neck. Certainly, doctors can treat your neck pain with acupuncture solutions in New Jersey.


Doctors can also treat neck pain in NJ with medication. Depending on your pain severity, your doctor may recommend OTC nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). However, if you have pain that normal OTC options can\’t fix, they may prescribe something stronger, such as a muscle relaxant. Or, if you are in severe pain, you could receive an analgesic that can be taken with muscle relaxers or NSAIDs. In special cases, you might be prescribed oral steroids. Of course, talk to your doctor before starting any medications. Surely, doctors can manage neck pain treatment with medication options.

Surgical Procedures

Finally, doctors may treat neck pain with surgical procedures. You may need steroid injections NJ to assist with your pain. Your doctor could inject corticosteroid medications around the irritated nerve root or into the muscles in your neck. Or, they may be injected directly into the small facet joints within the bones of your cervical spine. Of course, in extreme cases, you may need surgery to relieve spinal cord or nerve root pressure. For example, you may need an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) to remove problematic discs within your cervical spine. Certainly, if needed, doctors can manage neck pain with surgical treatments.

There are various ways doctors manage neck pain treatment in NJ. First, if you have minor neck pain, doctors can manage neck pain treatment with remedies such as OTC pain relievers, reduced activity and slow stretching. Secondly, your doctor can manage your pain through physical therapy with options such as massages, stretching and heat therapy. Of course, doctors could treat neck pain with acupuncture by finding the root of your issue and inserting needles to relieve stress from that area. Additionally, doctors can manage neck pain with medication treatments such as NSAIDs, analgesics or steroids. Finally, in severe cases such as a problematic or herniated discs in your cervical spine, doctors may manage pain with surgery. Certainly, talk to your doctor to find the best neck pain treatment for you. These are a few ways doctors can manage neck pain treatment in NJ.

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