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Transform your health & wellness with evidence-backed, physician-developed, and patient-centered weight loss management plans – approved by double board-certified specialists. Schedule a consultation today to get an individualized weight loss plan – combining modern techniques, medications, injections, and surgical options.

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Start your medical weight loss journey with a double board-certified weight loss specialist. Welcome to Sixth Borough Medical – we prioritize effective, long-term weight loss treatments that help patients work towards achievable wellness goals. Dr. Manish B. Patel is a trusted, highly-skilled, and versatile weight loss physician – specializing in surgical procedures and non-surgical alternatives. Dr. Patel’s individualized, sustainable, and results-oriented treatment strategies have been recognized by several trusted medical groups & affiliations, including:

Your First Weight Loss Assessment

Only a physician can tell you what medical weight loss treatments, procedures, options, and services work best for you. That’s why your initial weight loss consultation is such an important first session. During our conversation, we’ll discuss your history with previous weight loss treatments, dieting programs, nutritional treatments, medications, and exercise.

Then, our weight loss physicians will begin preparing a customized plan – specifically tailored to your needs, goals, and abilities. Along the way, our weight loss specialists will provide all the support, guidance, and resources needed for success. We understand the weight loss management process can be challenging – we’re committed to being your partners throughout the journey.

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Don't wait to start working towards the best version of yourself. Book a weight loss management consultation today. It's our mission to help you identify a sustainable, achievable approach to meet your weight loss goals. Your first consultation is the ideal opportunity to learn about different obesity treatments - while receiving valuable patient education and resources.

Weight Loss Programs: What To Expect

Before your first medical weight loss consultation, you should have a clear idea of what to expect – both from the introductory appointment, as well as your end-to-end weight loss journey. Throughout the process weight loss doctors prioritize developing healthy eating habits, promoting sustainable exercise, and identifying areas of improvement.

You’ll work with a dedicated, knowledgeable, and versatile care team – consisting of wellness coaches, weight loss doctors, and nutrition specialists – who are all committed to witnessing your consistent improvement. Get your questions answered, feel supported, find inspiration, and gain valuable insights every step of the way.

Online & In-Person Weight Loss Consultations

Your health and wellness is a priority. Sixth Borough Medical offers virtual and in-person weight loss consultations – so you can receive the medical care & attention you need, when you need it. Click below to request an appointment today via telehealth – or in-person at our medical offices in Jersey City, NJ. Then, fill out the form – and an expert weight loss specialist will be in touch shortly.

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Start your weight loss journey today with Sixth Borough Medical – NJ’s trusted center for patient-centered weight loss programs. Take the first step and book a consultation now. Start the conversation and begin planning a unique, successful plan to healthily lose weight. Before we get started, we’ll take time to discuss previous medical history, current lifestyle habits, and current weight-loss efforts. With these results, we’ll begin personalizing your weight loss treatment plan, with a focus on evidence backed procedures, including:

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